The 3 Best Side Businesses for Couples

by Jenn

Young couples with or without children can earn a substantial part-time income with a little luck and a detailed plan. Luckily, there are three pursuits that lend themselves to team ownership, which means they’re perfectly suited for couples. In addition to Airbnb, the smartest way to earn rental income on a portion of your home, it’s possible to sell handmade items on Etsy, the world’s largest craft-based selling platform. If crafts or rentals aren’t your favorites, look into setting up an e-commerce store to sell second-hand apparel. The beauty of a two-person enterprise is that one owner can focus on sales and marketing while the other attends to chores like bookkeeping, website maintenance, and acquiring a steady stream of inventory.


Starting an Airbnb business is a suitable way for parents, married couples, and others to earn a substantial side income from a property they already own. The company’s platform is set up to make it easy for renters to advertise their short-term space availability to a wide readership. Not only is the site extremely popular among vacationers and other categories of travelers, but it enjoys a constantly high amount of traffic and is user-friendly. It’s essential to understand that, as a renter, you need to get the space ready and meet all the basic requirements of placing a listing. If you’re interested in pursuing Airbnb as a potential money-making opportunity, research the details about how to run your own business and find out if the idea is one that can work for you and your partner.

Etsy Store

For parents and couples, operating a financially successful Etsy store and keeping your supplemental hustle running is a matter of patience and choosing a specialty. Not only is the company the largest of its kind in the homemade and craft industry, it was also the first to offer handmade items exclusively. Even though the business model has evolved, the majority of items for sale are either homemade or hand-crafted by shop owners. What can you sell?

Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced artist because many products do well on Etsy, including all sorts of handmade crafts, gourmet snacks, artworks of every possible description, custom-made jewelry, miniatures for doll house enthusiasts, and much more. To get started, build up a modest inventory of goods and start slowly. Take excellent photos of all for-sale items, and use the Etsy shop owners’ forum to pick up valuable ideas and tips from other sellers.

Apparel Resale

One of the hottest niches of the resale market is clothing, particularly infant wear. For those who reside in large metro areas where there are lots of garage sales, this side gig can be quite profitable. Ideally, it’s a two-person job in which one partner acts as a scouter and shopper while the other runs the financial side of the operation. Invest in a top-notch site design and simple shopping cart. As you slowly build listed inventory, you’ll get a feel for which items sell fastest and command the highest markups. Do plenty of research before launching, and visit several local yard sales to make your first buys. Consider exploring large second-hand stores for discounted items you can resell.

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