The Answer to All your Mom Questions: WeMoms

by Jenn

This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of WeMoms. All opinions are my own.

My youngest is 12 years old, how the time flies.  It seems like just the other day I was searching for baby names, buying baby clothes, having a baby shower, getting the baby room ready, and finally bringing my wonderful daughter home from the hospital. From the time I found out I was pregnant I had questions.  I found myself reading everything I could get my hands on about what to expect during my pregnancy. Once Madisyn was born the questions were endless. While having access to great resources such as books and articles online is GREAT, I wish I had access to an awesome community filled with like-minded mom’s and mom’s to be such as WeMoms.

As a new parent I found myself stressed about everything from baby health and well-being, baby sleep, baby safety, childcare arrangements for baby and of course baby development and growth. I spent a lot of time reading books and articles online about milestones.  While reading is a great resource, it can also add stress when it comes to certain things such as milestones because in my opinion, all children are different and there isn’t any cookie cutter mold for developmental milestones. Having a community filled with other moms to share these concerns with and ask questions would have helped me lower my stress levels when it came to her reaching her milestones.  

There are plenty of areas where having access to WeMoms would have helped me as a new mother, but one of the groups I think I would have found most useful is the 1st pregnancy group.  Like many 1st time moms, I had questions about morning sickness, cramping, food, early pregnancy signs, and more.  The 1st pregnancy group is filled with over 11,000 members to answer your questions and provide you with loving support as you venture into motherhood. Whether you find yourself having questions about breastfeeding, baby food, baby colic, child education or sibling relationships, having a place like WeMoms to share parenting issues you are facing and things you are anxious about can be extremely helpful.

WeMoms is a wonderful app that you can download for iPhone and Android which allows you to chat with other users of WeMoms (future mom’s, midwives, coaches, etc) about subjects that interest you such as maternity, life, preparing for baby, conceiving, pregnancy, childbirth, family and more.  With WeMoms users can share experiences, participate in discussions, ask questions, get advice, share successes and get answers to your questions.

Whether you are a new mom or a soon to be mom, WeMoms is a great resource where you can get the help and support you need during one of the most beautiful, yet most stressful times in your life from people who understand for free.  WeMoms is a 100% free mobile app that has gathered 2.5 million downloads and over 60 million discussions since they created WeMoms 7 years ago in France and have recently launched here in the United States.  

Download WeMoms

If you are a mom or mom to be I highly suggest downloading the WeMoms app in the Apple Store for your iPhone or Google Play Store for your Android device to help you with your venture into motherhood.

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