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The Arlo Smart Home Security System Is The Right Choice!

As you all know, home security systems can offer a wide array of protection, but with so many out on the market today, and depending on the coverage you actually need, the choices can be overwhelming!! Boy, oh boy have I got some great news!! After a tedious search, I have found the Arlo Smart Home Security System is the right choice for any home!! No more endless searching for the perfect home security system, let me introduce you to Arlo, the only 100% wire-free, HD smart home security camera.
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The Arlo Smart Home Security System Is The Right Choice!
We just love our Arlo Smart Home Security System and you will too! Like I mentioned, there are so many home security systems, making a right choice was time consuming. I don’t have a huge home so we didn’t need a big elaborate unit, but we still wanted to be sure our home was safe & sound. The good thing about the Arlo is you can have 2-15 cameras depending on the amount of security you desire. This means you will have the protection you need without all the extra cameras. You know what I mean by extra, the ones that come in the bundled price and never get used, that will just sit on the closet shelf collecting dust. Not only will your home be secure, the Arlo Home Security System is also great for businesses too! Yes indeed, both your home & business, will be safe & secure, you just can’t ask for any better than this!!
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For those of us working parents that are away from home a lot, it’s wonderful to have great piece of mind knowing the kids have arrived safely from school or that Fido isn’t running a muck tearing up the couch pillows tracking a mess all around the house. With the Arlo Home Security System you can see directly inside or outside your home straight from your smart phone. Also, It doesn’t matter how dark or dim things get. Arlo night vision makes sure you always see what’s up.
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Totally weatherproofed to an IP X5 rating and wired free, each camera is powered by four CR123 Lithium batteries with a lifespan of four to six months. What’s super awesome is the cup-and-ball magnetic mounting system makes it extremely easy to attach and adjust the camera, providing a full 360 degrees of movement. The magnetic and wireless Arlo security cameras are so small, designed to fit just about anywhere. We were sent their two pack, it set up nicely right on the television stand in our living room. We have one camera in front & the other one is in the hall entrance.
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Installing the Arlo was so easy to do, we just placed the camera’s and base in the area of our home we wanted captured. If you are adding the Arlo outside and plan to fasten the system to your home, the camera and mounts are magnetic, so once you screw in the mounting, sliding  the camera around to find the perfect position is a breeze. What we also found to be amazing about the Arlo is the cameras are waterproof, so they work both indoors and outdoors. The only thing Netgear reported about the outdoor use is the battery light may show low in extremely cold weather, but this has not shown to be an issue. 
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The Arlo camera isn’t your ordinary wireless web cam, this means you can’t use it with your home WiFi router. This bad boy links up with it’s own upright WiFi base station (included) that attaches to your existing router using an Ethernet cable. Once you have set up the Wi-Fi Arlo base, you can use Arlo web portal or the app to continue with the setup and creating your own account, the set up is that simple!! We love that the app provides continuous alerts that you can alter at any time and you can set the video surveillance to your personal preference, we did find that the Arlo’s 1280×720 resolution works best for us. Check out how clear the Arlo is, we love being able to keep an eye on our little Miss Novalee!

Isn’t she so adorable?? What’s super cool is with your original purchase, you get a free “lifetime” account which includes 7 days of support and 1GB of storage for up to five Arlo cameras. After your first 30 days, scheduling, and camera sharing with other users will end, but you do have a paid option if you would like to continue to use those features. Starting with the lowest is $10 a month, $99 a year with 30GB storage and 30 days of support, or you can go for the $15 a month, $149 a year plan with 100GB storage and 60 days support. These paid options work with up to 15 camera’s
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Right out of the box, the Arlo Smart Home Security System provides everything you need to operate with 30 days of free use and a couple “affordable” monthly plan options. You can honestly set the Arlo up in seconds, best of all, they are super reliable to capture crucial footage when something is happening!! With its wide variety of easy-to-install wireless, magnetic sensors, the Arlo security system from Netgear not only protects your home and or business, it’s also user-friendly. The system is designed to give you great piece of mind knowing your home and or business are protected at affordable prices.
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This Arlo Smart Home Security System set is valued at only $349, it comes with two cameras and four mounting bases you can install anywhere you need a camera. You can also purchase a single camera starter system that is available for only $199. With the Arlo, you can add as many cameras as you like, depending on the amount of security you may need, too cool!!
For more information on the Arlo Smart Home Security System, simply head on over to the website! Being social is the way to go to stay up to date on great deals & wonderful Arlo promotions, be sure to like & follow all their social networks!
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  1. Rick Jenkins December 1, 2015
    Very Cool! Not everyone can afford to have professionally installed CCTVs around the perimeter of your house.

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