The Beauty of Personalized Gift Ideas

by Jenn

The holiday season is over for the time being, but it does not mean personalized gift ideas shouldn’t be considered for the ones we love. Did someone get you a fantastic gift over Christmas and you want to show appreciation? Wedding season is coming up, what do you get someone for a gift that speaks volumes? What about the new baby in a family’s life, how do you celebrate that in a unique memorable way? A “thank you” gift card or an item from the registry is alway a good idea, but I think something with a bit more thought is better than that.  Maybe personalized gift ideas?

Benefits of Personalized Gifts

I do not have any children of my own, but I am Auntie Rema to 3 wonderful nieces and 2 incredible nephews. Though I am not yet “Mommy” to a child yet, I wear the title “Auntie Rema” proudly and wouldn’t change it for the world. When I received a personalized Name Necklace saying “TaTa Rema”,  needless to say, I was smitten.


It is a16″necklace chain with a sterling silver and gold plated lower heart design and the name “TaTaRema” designed on it. “TataRema” is French for Auntie Rema and was something that I really wanted. It was thoughtful, personal and I cherish it so much and will carry it with me for years to come.

Personalized gifts are so much more than just putting someone’s name on a piece of jewelry. There are a number of benefits of giving personalized gifts. Here are some advantages of custom gifts that I have found to be true over the years of gift giving.

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1.) Personal Connection

When I give a gift to someone I car about, I want the personal connection to shine through. A personal connection I share with someone can only be known and celebrated by me and that special someone. That is the benefit of a personalized gift, you can establish that connection, celebrate it and grow and even stronger bond with that person. A gift card or generic set of towels doesn’t really announce “We love you!.”

2.) No Reason to settle

One problem I have with bjying a typical gift is that it may not be exactly what I want to give as a gift. I found a set of dishes that I thought were perfect for my mother, but I saw that the color I wanted was out of stock. So, instead of getting what I wanted, I had to settle for a different color and the personal touch was gone. When you give a personalized gift, it can say just what you want and be the perfect material and color that you are looking for. No more settling for factory products that may or may not be in stock.

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3.) One Person Use Only

A personalized gift establishes that personal connection and only the gift recipient can use/wear it. There is no worry of it being borrowed and forgotten to be returned because their name or personalized message is on it. If I were to even lose my “TaTaRema” necklace, it would be pretty easy to find if someone had borrowed it. I’m the only “TaTaRema” that I know, and that is how I like it! Also, if you are heading to a birthday party or wedding reception, there isn’t a worry that you may have possibly gotten the same gift as another guest and that’s always a breath of fresh air.

4.) Any Budget

The beauty of a personalized gift beyond the sentimental value is the fact the it can work into any budget. offers countless items; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. The different designs and precious metals are very affordable and you are able to get a personalized gift for whatever budget you have set.  Check out their site at to see the prices and the options they offer, you will be greatly impressed.

5.) Any Occasion

Like I mentioned, Holiday season is over for the most part, but there are more occasions than just holidays to give a great personalized gift ideas. Weddings are perfect for the bride or groom, even both to have a personalized item to celebrate their union. Springtime is a time for new beginnings and, of course, that means babies. A beautiful bracelet with the baby’s name or birthdate is perfect for new moms and dads. Don’t forget Mother’s and Father’s Day! I know my Mama would love a beautiful pair of personalized earrings and there are tons of items on that would be perfect for my Pops too!

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6.) It Can Mean Anything

A personalized gift can say and mean anything you want it to. Maybe there is an inside joke you share, or a cute pet name only you and that special someone uses, or maybe a beautiful personalized necklace could be a practical yet beautiful replacement for a name tag at work.


I love my “TaTaRema” necklace because it shows others how much it means to me to be an Auntie to such amazing children and how blessed I feel inside. An outward expression of an inward feeling! There are so many options and I am certain has the perfect gift for your loved one or for yourself!

There are so many options and I am certain has the perfect gift for your loved one or for yourself! They offer an Arabic name necklace that is absolutely amazing. Along with this, they have other necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all sorts of combinations of precious metals to design the perfect gift. Also, use the code jennsblahblahblog when you order for a 10% coupon on their site!

Customize Your Jewelry

Whether it is Mother’s Day coming up, a birthday or someone’s new addition to the family, has the best options to celebrate and beautiful jewelry that will last a lifetime. Head to their website, and see for yourself. They let you build the perfect gift and you can preview before you buy with the Name preview tool and I’m sure you will find something that will work wonderfully and something that will make a memory lasting for ages.

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