The Best and Most Comfortable Fashion Statements for Stay-at-Home Moms

by Jenn

Bringing up baby is a full-time job. Every mom deserves clothing that she feels great in but that she can comfortably wear while performing the daily tasks of being a mom. Comfortable fashion is not a contradiction – check out these tips for building a stylish stay-at-home mom wardrobe.

Keep it Simple

Practicality in clothing is important for moms. Of equal importance is some level of style. A good place to start building a fashionable mom wardrobe is by obtaining several simple mix and match items that are interesting yet comfortable. A button down denim shirt. A couple of pairs of leggings. An over-sized cowl neck sweater. A pair of cute flats. A colorful and flowy tank. A diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. These items will get any mom on the road to easy, yet stylish fashion.

Keep it Casual

Any mom who picks her kids up from elementary school on any given day will quickly notice that over half of the other moms are wearing athleisure wear. Moms love this clothing because it is comfortable, sporty, and looks somewhat put together. Plus, if baby takes an extra-long nap mom is instantly ready for a workout.

Keep it Chic

It honestly doesn’t take much to dress up an outfit. A pair of cute ankle boots, a pashmina, or a structured coat can all add a hint of fashion without compromising comfort. Another idea to help keep your outfit chic is to look for tops and bottoms that have a unique aspect to them, like asymmetrical detailing or bright pops of color.

Keep it Affordable

Chances are your precious little one will poop, pee, or vomit on some of your clothing. And it’s Murphy’s Law that it will be your favorite item. Besides investing in a good spot cleaner, one wardrobe rule for stay-at-home moms is to not spend too much on any one piece. You will save yourself frustration by saving your special outfits for nights out with your partner or your girlfriends. Using coupons codes and other offers on Discountrue to find is a good way to find the best deals.

Comfortable fashion is not that difficult to achieve. Sometimes all any woman needs is a place to start. Hopefully these helpful hints will give you some ideas of how to stay fashionable while you stay at home.

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