The Best Ways To Utilise Cloud Services

by Jenn

Running your business efficiently sometimes means you have to make changes that you weren’t prepared for, or you have to make a change in order to survive. One big change that a lot of businesses are using nowadays is cloud migration. This is where you move all of your data, software, and even your IT services can be moved over onto it, making everything accessible in one centralised location. The cloud itself is extremely secure, so in a time of cyber criminals, you can see why it’s gained a lot of traction. So, if you’re thinking about making the move over to cloud services, keep reading and discover the best ways to utilise them.

Use The Storage Wisely

One of the main reasons businesses use the cloud is for storage. Gone are the days where you need to buy laptops and computers with the biggest RAM you can find, as everything can now be kept on the cloud. You can choose how much storage you want when moving over to a cloud service too, so you won’t have to pay for what you won’t use. When you do make the move, it’s a good idea to go through your files and such and get rid of anything redundant. Why pay for more storage than you really need? You can choose what to bring over with you and what to leave behind, making it more than just a migration but also a clean up too. Cloud storage is extremely effective as it allows any person with access to get the information or files they need wherever they are, all that’s required is an internet connection. So, make sure you make the most of the storage that the cloud can give your business, and you’ll soon reap the benefits. 

Recovery and Backup

One of the biggest worries that most businesses have is what will happen if they lose their data and aren’t able to recover it all. This can pose a huge risk to their integrity and security, but the cloud helps to make this worry a non-issue. The cloud has a disaster recovery solution that enables you to recover anything that would have once been lost. It can do this because it’s constantly backing up your data, so that even if your laptop ran out of battery, your work will still be saved up until that point. This facet of cloud migration makes it extremely attractive to businesses, as you can be certain that everything you’re working on is protected and able to be recovered should the worst happen. 

Data Analytics

Each business will hold a whole lot of data, and what you do with it can really make a difference to your growth. Understanding the data that you have is important, and one way to do this is by analysing it. Cloud computing actually helps businesses to get a better insight into their structured and unstructured data, allowing them to see where changes need to be made. Things like looking at consumer buying patterns and audience demographics is invaluable information and you can access it all through cloud services. So, if you want to learn more about your business and your customers, you definitely need to make use of cloud services! 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS allows businesses that use cloud services to access software via online subscriptions instead of having to physically buy it and get your IT team to download it onto all of your systems. This can not only save you lots of time, but it can also save you a lot of money too. Tools like Salesforce allow you to purchase a subscription and use it through your cloud services, enhancing the capabilities and productivity of your workforce. By using SaaS through cloud services, you provide all your employees with the tools that they need to work well and you save money at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!  

IT Services

If you’ve currently got an internal IT team who are trying to manage their high volume of work, then migrating over to the cloud can help drastically. Cloud services come with an expert team of IT workers who manage your cloud services and any issues that may arise. This can also be another money saving area for your business, as you’ll no longer need your internal IT team to be on call as much. By outsourcing your IT services through the cloud, it allows your internal team to focus on more complex issues that are related to your business, rather than something like software not working as this will be managed by the cloud team. You can also be sure that your business is protected from cyber criminal threats at all times too, as the cloud is managed 24/7. This way you can rest assured that your company is protected even when your employed IT team finish for the day. 

Sharing and Collaboration

Working together is especially important for any business, so you want to enable your employees to collaborate whenever they need to. There’s nothing worse than trying to work together only to find that you can’t both access a document or only one of you can work on it at the same time. It really stunts the process and makes it a lot harder for everyone involved. However, with the help of cloud services, you can allow all your employees the access they need to collaborate with each other wherever they’re based. You can also have multiple people work on a document at once too as everything is updated in real time. This prevents duplication of work and enables you to effectively work no matter how many people you have involved in a project. You can also encourage working across different teams as well, as the cloud enables anyone with an internet connection to access the files they need. This will definitely benefit your business as you’ll see new and innovative ideas spring up from your improved collaboration. 

Cloud services are a fantastic way to enhance your business operations as they offer you so many benefits that can’t be achieved without them. From managed IT services to improved collaboration, there’s so much that the cloud can do for you. So, if you’re considering taking your business to the next level, make sure you take these tips on board and you’ll be able to make the best of your cloud services in no time at all. Your business will soon be on the up and up, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without cloud services before!

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