The Complete Guide to Selecting the Perfect Horse Riding Jacket

by Jenn

When it comes to horse riding, riders understand the importance of having the right equipment. A crucial piece of gear that every rider needs is a horse riding jacket. A greatly designed jacket not only keeps you warm and shields you from the elements but also adds a touch of style to your riding attire. Additionally, when it comes to women riders, these horse riding jackets for women need special attention. 

With multiple options out there, how do you go about choosing the ideal horse-riding jacket for women? No need to worry because we have you covered. In this guide, we will walk you through all the factors to consider when selecting a women’s horse riding jacket.

1. Material Matters

The choice of material for your jacket plays a role in terms of comfort and functionality. A good-quality women’s horse riding jacket is commonly crafted from materials like polyester, nylon, and softshell, each offering its unique benefits.

Polyester jackets are favored among riders due to their nature, breathability, and ease of cleaning. Nylon jackets are known for their durability and ability to resist water, making them suitable for weather rides. Softshell jackets strike a balance between breathability and flexibility, providing warmth while allowing freedom of movement for women.

When choosing a jacket for horse riding, it’s essential to consider the weather conditions you’ll be facing. Make sure to select a jacket material that suits your needs and provides protection.

2. Consider the Style and Fit

Apart from functionality, don’t forget about the importance of style and fit when it comes to horse riding jackets. A fitted jacket not only enhances your overall appearance but also ensures optimum comfort and freedom of movement while riding.

Opt for a jacket that fits snugly but allows you to move around comfortably. Look for jackets with cuffs and waistbands, as they provide the flexibility to customize the fit according to your preference. Additionally, consider the length of the jacket. Typically, choosing one that falls at or below hip level is recommended for activities as it offers coverage without hampering movement.

When it comes to style, there’s a range of options. You can choose from traditional designs. Go for more modern and fashion-forward styles. Just select the one that matches your personal style preferences.

3. Protection against Environment

Lastly, if you often ride in challenging weather conditions, it’s crucial to have a jacket that provides protection against the elements. Opting for a water-resistant jacket is highly recommended in situations. Look out for features like sealed seams and storm flaps, as they ensure resistance against water infiltration.

If you live in cold climates, go for jackets that have insulation or a lining, like fleece or thermal material. These types of jackets provide warmth while still allowing your body to breathe. Some jackets even have linings so you can adjust the level of warmth based on the weather conditions.

4. Consider Safety First

Safety is always important when horse riding, so visibility should be a consideration when choosing a riding jacket. Look for jackets that have elements or high visibility panels, especially if you ride on the road or in low-light situations. These features make you more visible to drivers and other riders, reducing the risk of accidents.

5. Look for Storage Options in Jackets 

Having access to essentials like your phone, keys, and treats for your horse is crucial while riding. So it’s worth looking for jackets that offer storage options such as pockets or zippered compartments. This way, you can keep your belongings secure and within reach while enjoying your ride.

6. Go for Low Maintenance Jackets 

Lastly, think about the maintenance required for the jacket. Riding can get messy at times. Jackets tend to get dirty. Therefore, choose a jacket that’s easy to clean and take care of.

Machine washable coats offer an option as they can be easily cleaned without requiring the services of dry cleaning. 

Moreover, it’s worth considering jackets made from materials that have stain and odor-resistance properties. This ensures that your coat will maintain its look and pleasant scent after multiple uses.


To sum up, when choosing a horse riding jacket, it’s important to consider factors such as material, style, fit, weather protection, visibility, storage, and maintenance. By understanding your needs and preferences, you’ll be able to find a jacket that not only keeps you comfortable and safe but also adds a touch of style and elegance to your horse riding attire. With the jacket by your side, you’ll be ready to ride in style and slay on the race course!

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