Join The Home30 Challenge With Philips Airfryer

by Jenn

There is always a mad dash to find the healthy and fast way to prepare meals. Life can get super busy and it can be difficult to cook a wholesome meal that tastes great and takes minimal time. It can make sense to grab the convenient fast food meal or throw in a frozen entrée for dinner. But, neither of those options are healthy and really aren’t all that tasty. There is an easier, tastier, and much healthier way to make those home cooked meals for the family. The Home30 Challenge with the Philips Airfryer is a great way to make all those classic family favorites with less time,less effort, and less fat.

Home30 Philis

We have decided to join the Home30 challenge using our Philips Airfryer, care to join us?

Now, we all know that healthy food trends are all over the place. The Home30 Challenge is a spin on the popular “Whole30” healthy food plan. Philips Airfryer is challenging Americans across the nation to get the family together for 30 days. Let’s make a healthy, home-cooked meal for the next 30 days. Bringing the family to the dinner table may have been difficult before. But, with the Philips Airfryer and all the great recipes that can be made, the troops are sure to gather. Sounds great, right? 

Reasons Family Time Is Important and Nonnegotiable (2)

The Philips Airfryer is really a unique kitchen necessity for great tasting meals without the fat, time, and headache. It is definitely the healthy way to fry. The Airfryer is capable of many cooking methods. It can bake, fry, roast and grill with using only a tablespoon or less of oil. In our house, we love to use coconut oil to help cut the fat even more.

Home30 Philips

There is a pre-set timer for up to 60 minutes, and with the Rapid Air Technology and adjustable temperature control, cooking time is super easy and crazy fast. Just get the recipe together, set the timer, and continue your day!

Cleaning up afterward is so much better than a big skillet of oil or scrubbing a huge casserole dish after it’s cooked in the oven for an hour. The Philips Airfryer has a non-stick coating on the removable drawer to make it super easy to clean and it’s even dishwasher safe!

Philips Airfryer

Throughout the next 30 days, our family, and hopefully yours, will be accepting the Home30 Challenge. We’ll be using some recipes that are part of the Philips Airfryer recipe book and making some of our very own creations. Philips provided me with my very own Airfryer to complete this challenge. I’ll admit that I have been cooking up recipes in my mind ahead of time! Keep checking back to see what we’ve come up with next. Also, share what unique, healthy, and fun recipes you have come up with too. We’re in this together, who’s ready? Let’s get to airfryin’!

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