The Jungle Book Juice

Yum!  The Jungle Book Juice is a tasty drink to cool you off this summer.  We all have heard of the movie The Jungle Book.  What a great drink to have while watching the movie on this hot summer day.  This drink is not only delicious and tasty, but it also is a cute drink for the kids.  Even to have at a pool party is a great idea too.

The Jungle Book Juice

I made this drink for my daughter and her friends.  She had a slumber party and the girls watched The Jungle Book Movie together.  They had this amazing cool The Jungle Book Juice as their drink.  All the girls had a great time.  They talked about how delicious the drink was as well as how awesome the rim of their glass was.

The Jungle Book Juice 1

When the girls parents came to pick them up the next evening, my daughter’s friends were telling the parents about this drink and how they wanted to make their own at home.  It is not a hard recipe at all and quite frankly very easy to make.  It doesn’t take long at all to make either.   A simple, yet delicious, attractive juice for any kid or adult.

The Jungle Book Juice 2

The straws that I decided to use went along with the color of the drinks and the rims of the glasses as well.  I had to end up making a few pitchers of juice in order to make the kids happy, but that was okay because they all had a great time watching the movie and drinking The Jungle Book Juice.  It gave them something to talk about when going home.

The Jungle Book Juice 3

Do you like The Jungle Book Movie?  Try The Jungle Book Juice Recipe below for yourself and come back to leave me a comment.  Let me know how well you and your family enjoyed making the juice.  Did your children like the juice?  Did you have any parties or sleepovers and have this juice?

The Jungle Book Juice 4

The Jungle Book Juice


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