The Most Popular Interior Décor Trends in 2022

by Jenn

Spring is officially here, and as the days grow warmer and longer, many Brits will be getting ready to give their home a makeover. If you’re jumping on the home improvement bandwagon, you may be wondering where to begin. Interior décor trends are constantly evolving, and there have been plenty of changes to what’s now considered modern.

The rumours are true; those bright jewel tones we adored in 2019 are sitting this one out, while modern furniture has also been pushed aside. In addition, having an abundance of plants is encouraged, as 2021’s trend of “bringing the outside in” continues to flourish.

Here, we explore the most popular interior décor trends of 2022. 


“Bringing the outside in” is all about introducing house plants and greenery to your home, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Research conducted by fitted furniture specialist, Hammonds found the hashtag #PlantTikTok on TikTok has been viewed 4.2 billion times, proving our love affair with all things green is stronger than ever.

Hammonds’ research also revealed the Chinese money plant is the most popular plant. With a whopping 79.3k searches made for it each month, it’s clear green fingered Brits are eager to get their hands on one. Chinese money plants require indirect sunlight and weekly watering and with plant care hashtags on Instagram almost at 6 million, there’s plenty of detailed information out there on how you can give yours the best care.

If plants aren’t for you, you can get onboard with the trend by incorporating plant-focused design into your home. Hammonds found in the past year Google searches for “biophilic design” have grown 21% and many stores now offer bedding, cushions and blankets featuring plants. 

Earthy tones

Pillar box red and fiery orange aren’t all the rage anymore, as earthy shades take centre stage. Think soft creams, sandy beiges and caramel browns. If you’re a fan of “bringing the outside in”, you’ll find these natural tones pair perfectly with the subtle colour your plants provide. 

While colour isn’t taking a backseat completely, the shades are veering towards the hues you’d find in nature. Picture subtle rose instead of bubblegum pink and terracotta rather than tangerine. 

You could also incorporate earthy tones through your accessories or furniture. For example, brown or beige overbed wardrobes will add some additional storage space and keep your bedroom looking sleek and stylish.

Vintage furniture

While sleek lines and a modern aesthetic have been favoured in recent years, 2022 has seen a shift towards more classic furniture. Many charity shops stock good quality furniture and with virtual markets and auction sites, there are plenty of opportunities to find a pre-loved gem!

Opting for vintage furniture or upcycling is not only bang on trend, but it will also lower your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of excessive waste polluting UK landfills. 

Statement lighting

While lamps are first and foremost introduced for additional light, they work just as well as a statement piece. Geometric shaped lamps and pieces that appear almost sculptural are everywhere right now, and will give your home a modern, tasteful edge. 

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