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The Ollie World Review

The Ollie World Review


“I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by Ollie Swaddle.”

As parents many have found the swaddle to be important in putting a fussy baby to sleep. However, most of these tend to be smaller in size or specific in size, warm and don’t work during the summer. A great product that provides a solution to this dilemma is The Ollie World swaddle. The Ollie swaddle was founded in 2013 with designs by Hindi a social worker that had a case with a boy named Oliver who did not find comfort in the swaddles available in the market at that time because he was smaller in size. The Ollie swaddle was borne out of this child’s need and with their design they have helped provide other parents comfort and have helped in reducing SIDS. They also donate to charities like St Jude that benefit children.

The Ollie Swaddle is advantageous if you want to not guess whether a child will be born small or big and will know for sure this will fit a baby of any size. You can in essence use the Ollie swaddle until your child doesn’t want to be swaddled or can sit up right on their own. The Ollie swaddle can provide great comfort to children smaller in size like preemies and helps to reduce SIDS in children. This is a great comfort as all parents have a great concern when it comes to SIDS. Another great advantage is that the swaddle closes at the bottom with an attached elastic allowing you the comfort and ease of changing your baby without removing the whole swaddle and causing distress in your baby when they are already comfortable.

I received the lavender swaddle in a beautiful box that would make a great baby shower gift or just a nice cute box to keep small knickknacks. I will be using it for my daughter’s headbands. Off the bat I noticed the material was light and fresh in texture with a beautiful pastel lavender color. The outside is fresh while the inside is soft and warm but not hot. Compared to other swaddles it is much lighter, almost like a muslim material in how light it is. When wrapped around a baby it is less bulky because it does not have extras it is a large stretch of fabric. It is not quite a square as it does curve a bit in the middle where your baby’s head will go. This will not go up around the shoulder area to avoid any discomfort of material bulking up and at the same time will leave space in between the material so your child won’t press his head against the material either. It does not have a fold for the feet but rather it has a wraparound elastic band to tuck in the material, this was my only concern as I was afraid it might rip off in the wash, but it comes with a laundry bag to avoid this issue.

You can find their products in three different colors: lavender, stone and sky at The Ollie World priced at $59 and free shipping in the U.S. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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