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The Perfect Scooper


Having a cat or kitten can be kind of messy sometimes because your are always having to clean and handle the littler box.  Neater Pet Brands LLC has a Neater Scooper to help you handle that ugly task.

neater pets 004

Neater Pet Brands LLC generously sent me a Neater Scooper along with 4 boxes of liners for me to try and review.  I was excited to receive this product because cleaning the litter box is not really one of my favorite things to do.  Using the Neater Scooper should simplify my task while offering a cleaner environment for everyone in our household.

bag it

Look at how easy the Neater Pet Brands LLC Neater Scooper is to use.  You just scoop it, bag it and then toss it.  I was going to get special little bags just to use for this purpose but I ran across the Neater Scooper and thought what a wonderful idea.  The scooper is one of those products that have had no improvements for years until now.  

At first I tried to use it just as you would a regular scooper but soon found out that was a No, No because I was getting litter in the bag.  After some initial testing I got the hang of using the Neater Scooper.  One great feature of the Neater Scooper is there is a baggie storage area right in front so you won’t lose track of where you put the baggies.

neater pets 008

                                                                                 Trying the Neater Scooper

 neater pets 009

                                                                                               Bagging it

Yup It’s as easy as one (1), two (2), three (3) and then placing a new bag is equally as easy you just squeeze the handle and pop off the top then you take out the used bag and put a new bag in it’s place.

neater pets 011

The Neater Scooper is one of those pet products that you really can’t do without especially if you travel with your cat.  We just got this new kitten but we have several fishing trips planned for this summer so Zimba will need to learn how to travel and the Neater Scooper will be traveling with us as well. 

Neater Pet Brands LLC also had the Neater Feeder that eliminates spilled water and food on the floor.  Go to Neater Pets Brands LLC and see al the other options available like larger feeding bowls and the Polar Bowl which is great for the summer months.  It keeps the water cooler longer because of an insulation factor.  Neater Pet Brands LLC also has a Slow Feed Bowl that helps to slow down the feeding time.  Some animals eat quickly like there is no tomorrow and they need to slow down so this bowl was designed to help with that process.

Another product Neater Pet Brands offers is Zymtastic which is a hospital grade stain and odor remover.  Zymtastic is safe for your pets and everyone in your family and will safely remove food, urine, grease, oil, and dirt. 

Check out Neater Pet Brands LLC, Facebook, Twitter,  Stumbleupon and YouTube.  You can purchase Neater Pet Brands products at your local Petco store.  Check with your favorite pet store to see if they carry Neater Pet Products.  Make sure you give your pet the best in feeders and your cat the best in scoopers by making the choice to purchase Neater Feeder and Neater Scoopers. 

Nancy Miller

HI, I am a retired accounting lady living in the super cold mid western state of Indiana. My husband and I enjoy traveling, playing with British Sports cars and flying my husbands hand made RV 12 airplane. We also love to fish. My hobbies include cooking especially baking and decorating cakes, gardening, sewing and canning foods from my small garden. I also am the Market Master for our local farmers market which we started last fall.

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