The Truth Behind Why It Is Harder To Make Money In Current Times

by Jenn

Who hasn’t heard, or perhaps even said, the saying remember the good old days? In most cases, this is people talking about how it used to be better or easier to do something than it appears to be today. 

But, the truth is that this is an idealistic and inaccurate approach. Times change and people need to adapt. In many cases, the good old days simply refer to a time when you had fewer worries and responsibilities.

Every generation faces its own challenges. However, it is worth noting that the current climate is making it particularly difficult to make money. 


For most people life follows a set pattern, you finish your education and you get a job. Then you are part of the working world and can enjoy the money you earn. Unfortunately, enjoying the money means you spend what you earn. The result is you get in a rut, like 50% of Australians living paycheck to paycheck.

At that point, your concern is paying your current debts and trying to maintain your lifestyle. It is a constant balancing act and leaves you no time to make additional money. You will feel like you are constantly treading water and it is impossible to make money.


A big part of the problem is that it is so easy to get into debt. Most university students leave with a degree and debt. That means, even if they are lucky enough to get a good job, they are already paying off debts. 

These are then added to as it is still easy to get additional loans, for houses, cars, and credit cards for those “essential” purchases. 

With so much debt it becomes impossible to make money as you can’t afford to take the risk of upsetting your current income streams

Combine this with the fact that you are employed and have little opportunity to increase your income and you will appreciate why it is so hard to make money

The Solution

The solution is not glamorous but it works. The first thing you need to do is some financial planning. By talking it over with a consultant you will see where you can save money and cut costs. The aim should be to clear your debts down as fast as possible. Only when you have done this can you start making real money.

It can be hard to stick to a financial plan but, the sooner you do it the quicker you will take control of your finances and the better it will be in the long term.

Be Creative

The internet has opened up a host of opportunities to earn extra money. It is time you started thinking about what you are passionate about and pursued it online. That is the beauty of the internet. You can be a part-time consultant, a language teacher, or simply do some affiliate marketing. 

The choice is yours and all you have to do is choose something you enjoy doing and dedicate a little time to it every day. It will earn you money and in time can be your ticket to real money. Patience and a plan are the key attributes to making money.

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