Things To Do In Panama City Beach, Florida

by Jenn

If you are planning a family vacation but still looking for that perfect, fun destination where there is something for everyone to enjoy you can’t go wrong with Panama City Beach, Florida! Those living in Florida for example can register a Florida LLC, same with other localities based on existing regulations.  There is seriously something for everyone to do in Panama City Beach! Panama City Beach appeals to every type of traveler!  You’ll find everything from beaches that are perfect for everyone to thrills both on and off the beaches to romance and ecotourism in Panama City Beach because there is such a wide range of things to do and see there is something for every type of traveler and you can customize your vacation around your preferences and make it yours.

Things To Do In Panama City Beach, FloridaThings To Do In Panama City Beach Florida

There are endless reasons to Visit Panama City Beach and fun to be had here are a few of my favorite!

  • Visit the beaches – There are 27 miles of beaches to choose from and you’ll find a different experience at each stop.  If you enjoy long walks on the beach there isn’t a better place for it.  One of the beaches I want to visit is called Shell Island which you can access only via boat and explore miles of beaches with hardly a footprint in the sand that isn’t your own.
  • Aqua Park – If you haven’t been to Aqua Park you are missing out on the floating attraction located on the Gulf of Mexico which includes inflatable slides, mini blob, paddle board rentals, trampolines, and more.
Dolphin Cruise – Head for the waters and check out the dolphins in their natural habitat.
  • Go on a cruise and see the beautiful Dolphins – Head for the waters and check out the dolphins in their natural habitat.
  • Bay County Shooting Range – If you enjoy shooting you may want to check into Bay County Shooting Range where you can not only rent shotguns but take gun safety and skill training courses.
  • Cobra Adventure Park – Looking for a small but fun amusement park?  You’ll love Cobra Adventure Park, it’s one of the many small beachside amusement parks in Panama City Beach.  They have everything from Max Flight Simulator, kids only roller coaster, go-karts, and plenty more.
Things To Do In Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Relax on the beautiful white sands – Spend some time relaxing on the beautiful white beaches.  The sound of the water, the breeze I don’t know if there is anything more relaxing than an afternoon spent enjoying the beauty of Panama City Beach.
  • Fun Land Arcade – Visit one of the oldest and largest arcades on the beach!  They have over 150 up-to-date arcade games, the kids can win prizes, eat snacks, grab an ice cream and more.
  • Escape Zone 60, Inv. – WOW, a fun, interactive, puzzle solving game where your given 60 seconds to solve the puzzles needed to escape the room before your time is up.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
  • Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center – Get wet, ride bumper boats, play mini golf, and more!  The whole family is sure to enjoy their time at Emerald Falls Family Recreation Center.
  • Mirror Maze and Laser Craz – You’ll find a Mirror Maze with a light and sound extravaganza.  The Mirror Maze is 2300 square feet of maze mirrors and you’ll want to check out the Laser Craz just be sure to dodge the laser beams; your score counts on your every move.
  • Fishing – Get away from the beautiful white sands and head for the turquoise waters for a little fishing off the shores of Panama City Beach. Since Panama City Beach is famous for all kinds of fishing there are several different charters to take you out for a day of fishing.
Things To Do In Panama City Beach Florida
  • Snorkeling – If you are new to the beaches snorkeling is a great way to step into the world of Panama City Beach water sports.
  • Diving – If you are in the area you don’t want to miss the underwater landscape.  Panama City Beach has great weather and diving conditions.
Things To Do In Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Jet Skiing – One of my favorite things to do anywhere there is water is jet skiing!  It’s one of my personal favorite water sports!  The perfect way to stay cool – wind in your hair and the water splashing on you, it’s perfect and loads of fun. There are jet ski rentals you can visit at Panama City Beach.
  • Parasailing – You can go parasailing solo or share the experience with family or friends with a big chute.  You’ll have a bird’s eye view you’ll never forget.
  • Paddleboarding –  Jump on a big board and gently paddle your way across the water.
  • Shopping – You’ll be able to find all sorts of awesome souvenirs! Everything from handmade jewelry to beachy knick-knacks and keepsakes in the unique shops and open-air malls in Panama City Beach.
Things To Do In Panama City Beach, Florida
  • Watch the sunset – I highly suggest putting some time aside to watch at least one Panama City Beach sunset.  They are something you can’t miss the water and sky is breathtaking.

There is an endless amount of fun to be had on a Panama City Beach vacation.  Hopefully, you’ve found at least a few things you’d enjoy doing and if not you can always visit the Real. FUN. Beach. FUN. Beach to check out all the awesomeness the area has to offer travelers and plan your fun today.

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