Things You Want To Know – Staying Connected with HomeTeam Video Chat App

by Jenn

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeTeam for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have always allowed my children to use techy gadgets.  In the world, they are growing up in learning to use a tablet, smartphone, computer and apps like the HomeTeam app with video chat and other great features are essential.

When I was growing up, we got excited when we finally got a cordless phone with an antenna that pulled out four feet in the air.  If you weren’t careful, you’d break it walking through the doorway.  Oh, using a cordless phone for the reason they made it so that you could walk around, that rarely worked.  The only time we could rely on our cordless phone was when the wind was coming from the north, BUT the wind couldn’t be blowing too hard.  The second a cloud was blown in within a 2-mile radius you either picked up your neighbors conversation or had to stand with one hand on your nose and the other touching a screw in the top left corner of your closet.  NO, it couldn’t be just any screw there was only one screw worked. Oh and when it rained, I had to put aluminum foil on my brothers head and hands so he could stand by my bedroom window while I laid on the bed and chatted with my friends, lol.  Not really, I wasn’t allowed on the phone when it was storming.  The antenna was too long and metal, I would have likely been hit by lightning.

Staying connected with loved ones is so much easier and more reliable than it was when I was a child.  Plus there are so many different ways one can stay connected email, text message, phone, video chat, and using the HomeTeam app with video chat and other incredible features.

Turn your kids app into family timeThings You Want To Know About Staying Connected using HomeTeam Video Chat App

I recently downloaded an app called HomeTeam™ by Panasonic, and it’s awesome!  By far my favorite app for my family, but especially my children.  I have not seen an app like this in Google Play or the Apple App Store before.  There are several great features, and they are all things I want my children to be doing while they are playing on their tablets.  If you haven’t downloaded the HomeTeam app, used the video chat and other excellent features you’re missing out.  Here are a few things that you’ll want to know about the HomeTeam Video Chat App.

1.) Staying connected – The HomeTeam™ app provides you with a way to stay connected with loved ones.  My girls enjoy using it to stay in touch with their grandma and pa because they video chat using their tablets.

2.) Turn your tablet into family time with the HomeTeam™ app – There are all sorts of great ways you can turn a tablet into family time, even if it’s with grandma and pa who lived 3 ½ hours away.

3.) Read books together, even if your loved ones live far away – You can turn your tablet into family time by reading books together, playing checkers, chess, or other games.  There are plenty of books to choose from too, Mattie LOVES Frozen, Toy Story and anything about animals.

4.) Play games with grandma, maybe fit in some flash cards even if she’s in another city – Vayda, on the other hand, prefers the games, her and grandma like to play checkers or now and then my mom will sneak in some flash cards, which is great because Vayda has fun and doesn’t think of it as work when grandma and her are video chatting.

There are plenty of games to choose from, and they are all designed by HomeTeam games with a fun mix of classic and, of course, fun new favorites. 5.) Your library of books shouldn’t get old – Grandma also helps Mattie with her homework several times a week.  Mattie is in kindergarten, so her homework is to read with us nightly.  There are currently more than,600 book titles that are carefully picked out for children up to 12 years old by the HomeTeam resident library scientist.  You’ll find book titles the kids love – Disney, Curious George, Marvel, Animal Books, Mickey Mouse and tons more.

6.) Create lasting memories with loved ones while they’re away – My girls have a hard time with their grandma and pa living so far away.  They love to visit, but it’s not something we can do as often as they’d like.  The HomeTeam™ app gives my parents and the kids a way to connect in a fun and unique way that allows them to feel closer to them and create lasting memories without them here.  Talking on the phone is great, but it’s not the same.  Until we put this app on the tablet, the girls didn’t like calling their grandparents because it just made them sad that they were not able to see them.  Since downloading the app the kids call several times a week, visit longer, MUCH longer and my parents enjoy being albe to interact with the girls and help them with their homework. best video chat app for andoid and ios7.) Staying connected & building lasting memories is easy – The HomeTeam app is super easy to use.  My five-year-old daughter can call her grandma without any issues.  There is a picture of grandma, mom, dad, Mattie and Vayda, so she can know who she is calling.  She can also choose a book, or even pick a game she wants to play.

8.) Download HomeTeam FREE – Right now you can download the HomeTeam app for free and try it for 30 days.  If you decide you like it, and I’m sure you will it’s only $8.99 a month, which if you think about it is less than I would spend buying books to keep Mattie interested and reading something new.

9.) Download the HomeTeam app on a variety of devices – You can currently download the HomeTeam app for your Android device by using Google Play and your iOS device by visiting the Apple App Store.  If you have a laptop or PC, you’d like to download the app on you can do so by visiting the HomeTeam website.

10.) Share the awesomeness of the HomeTeam app with your loved ones – The Premium membership allows you to give FIVE (5) people not only an account with HomeTeam but unlimited access to video chat, books, and even games!  Tell me that’s not an awesome price!

The only thing negative I’ve heard about the app was from Vayda, and  she loves the app and that she felt closer to grandma using it, but she sure misses brushing grandma’s hair.  She has been brushing grandmas hair since she was three.  Grandma was the only one who would sit through the constant pulling and tugging while Vayda learned to brush hair nicely, lol.  It didn’t surprise me that she said that because it’s typically one of the first things she does after everyone is settled in from their trip.

We’re loving the HomeTeam app for staying connected with loved ones.  There isn’t a better way to stay connected.  Check it out for yourself and Download on Android or Download on iOS.

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Mai Tran November 18, 2015 - 12:04 am

I love this HomeTeam™ app. I prefer this more than Skype when chatting with mom. It has many cool features, too.


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