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What Tiddlytubbies Can Teach Us About Young Children


Meet Daa-Daa, Baa, Ping, Umby Pumby, Nin, Duggle Dee, RuRu and the leader of the ground, Mi-Mi!  The Tiddlytubbies are even more fun than their older relatives, the Teletubbies and they each have their own, very unique and fun personality.  Okay, I know you have to know who the Tiddlytubbies are and if you have young children I bet you’ve never thought about what the Tiddlytubbies can teach us about young children.  While the Tiddlytubbies are decided for young children there are a a few things they can teach us about our children too.

My kids loved the Teletubbies and now the Tiddlytubbies.  Yes, I’ve been watching this fun-loving, popular kids show with my kids for several years now.  Now I like the show, but I am upset about one thing. HOW IN THE WORLD CAN MY YOUNG, AND I MEAN 2-YEAR-OLD PAY ATTENTION TO AN EPISODE BUT CAN’T STOP LONG ENOUGH TO HEAR ME SAY, “DON’T PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH.”  I have been wracking my brain about this since back in the Teletubbies days. How in the world are my young children able to devote so much attention to this show, and when they are really young this is the only show they would watch.What the Tiddlytubbies Can Teach Us about young children (

What Tiddlytubbies Can Teach Us About Young Children

Here are a few things the Tiddlytubbies help our children with as well as a few things they can teach us about young children.

Language agnostic and created for your toddler

Language agnostics shows can help children who have speech or other communication difficulties.  The childlike babbling is fun, gentle and always fun. To an adult the Teletubbies are might seem out there but they are designed for your toddler.  It’s how a 2-year-old sees the world.  Like the Teletubbies, the world is still new to a toddler.   

As far as the language agnostic aspect of the show, it allows kids to learn and grow at their own pace with a communication style they are familiar with.

They learn how to play well with others

Tiddlytubbies are also teaching our young ones things. One of my favorite things about the Tiddlytubbies is how well they get along and play together.  They don’t bicker and argue, there is no bullying or excluding one another when they play games. Since young children learn a lot from what they see, I can’t help but say the Tiddlytubbies do a great job helping parents reinforce good playtime manors.

The Tiddlytubbies are good at more than playtime manners and being fun.  See all that bright, eye-catching landscape and such in the Tiddlytubbies world.  Well, young children are amazed by it. Since young children love all these things it’s easy for them to pay attention to it and even learn things like colors and shapes.

Early learning

Did you know the Teletubbies can help to stimulate toddlers early learning?  From the bright colors and the surreal world, the Teletubbies live, no wonder toddlers are amazed and pay attention.  It can help them become familiar with shapes, colors and even certain aspects of the world during a very important time in their development.

What Tiddlytubbies Can Teach Us About Young Children | What Tiddlytubbies Can Teach Us About Young ChildrenCatch the Tiddlytubbies new 2D Series   

Now your little one can watch the Teletubbies like they have never before!  They can join along for some dancing, exploring and laughing in the magical .  Swing by and check out the NEW Tiddlytubbies 2D animated series on YouTube.

WildBrain – Entertainment for Kids I trust!

If you read my previous post about Ellie Sparkles than you know how amazing

WildBrain is, if not – let me fill you in.  Let’s say if it’s content from WildBrain, you know it’s kid-friendly content.

They create and broadcast video entertainment for kids. They have hundreds of trusted channels with kid-friendly content.  WildBrain brings kids trusted favorites and some of today’s popular shows such as Teletubbies, Caillou, Ellie Sparkles, Yo Gabba Gabba! And many more.

I let my kids watch YouTube kids on the tablet and sometimes my phone when we travel and WildBrain content is a brand I trust to produce and manage kids’ content.  They have content on both YouTube and Amazon.

WildBrain has of dedicated Channel Managers who are dedicated to making sure our children are exposed to kid-friendly content on YouTube.  Be sure to visit WildBrain.com.  I also suggest visiting their blog, they have great info for parents looking to keep their little ones safe online and I love all the crafts on their website, it’s worth visiting and I know your kids will love it.

If you are not already, be sure to Subscribe to the Tiddlytubbies YouTube Channel.


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