Time For Her To Come Home For Christmas Movie Premiere

by Jenn Brockman

Life isn’t always easy and healing from past trauma, well I’m sure you can relate it can be hard on you physically, emotionally and learning to trust and open your heart isn’t always easy.  What can be easy is getting stuck in a negative rut if you are not careful.  Which is why it’s important to surround yourself with things and people who help you stay positive and remind you to not loose hope.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Time for her to come home for christmas

Something I’ve found that helps me keep my head up is watching Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Miracle of Christmas movies. I know that might sound cheesy, but they invite you on a story that’s often relatable in some way that helps one remember to stay positive, hopeful and that good things often come after the storm we are travel thought lets up.

I’m super excited for their upcoming premiere of Time For Her To Come Home For Christmas.  I think this is going to be one many of us can relate to in some way.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Time for her to come home for christmas

About Time For Her To Come Home For Christmas:

Carly, played by Grimes-Beech is facing her first year of being without her mother and looking to avoid the loneliness she decided to head to a quaint town to lead a church choir for Christmas.  While Carly is there she meets Matthew, played by Carmack who just got back into town from the Army.  Matthew is a man back in town after serving in the army.  Well, this is where it starts to get good, in my opinion that is.  As Cary gets to know Matthew, the choir she is leading, and the people in town, she begins to stumble across clues that just might suggest she was brought to this town for a reason that just may prove to be life changing.  As the mystery continues, one thing begins to become clear: This journey will not only teach Carly about true love and learning to trust, but that forgiveness is also needed to finally heal. 

Join us on X (Twitter) for the premiere of Time For Her To Come Home For Christmas

I hope you’ll be turning in for the premiere! If you are and you’d like to join us, we will be Tweeting live during the premiere of Time For Her To Come Home For Christmas Thursday, November 30th at 8pm/7pm CST.

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has a brand new movie premiere every Thursday at 8pm EST, be sure to tune in because they have some good ones. I think they just keep getting better and better every week.

You can check out all 9 original holiday movies all season long on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Miracles of Christmas

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