Tips To Feeling Sexier Through A Carefree Lifestyle #CarefreeChallenge

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sverve and Carefree as part of their Carefree Freshness Challenge. Each day from August 12 – September 10, 2014 that you visit the #CarefreeChallenge site, you can enter to win their Grand Prize of $5,000 for a FRESH new wardrobe as well as daily prizes! Check out wearing Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners to help keep you feeling fresh, confident and carefree and kick of your challenge!


Here are a few ideas that encourage a sexier, carefree lifestyle! What makes you feel sexy? 


Something that many women struggle with on a continual basis is sexiness. We like to look at other women and compare ourselves. Come on, admit it, you do the same thing! Actually, I think men do the same thing, at least to some degree, but we aren’t discussing men today; we’ll stick with the ladies. Often we don’t feel as though we “add up!” The most important thing, at least for me, is to find those little things in life that brighten the day and make me feel at my best, and make me feel carefree.


It is such an amazing feeling when you put on your favorite pair of high heels! You just know that you can rule the universe from those extra three to six inches of height that these sexy shoes create. From the time you place them on your feet you just know it will be a good day! Give yourself that little extra boost, if your favorite pumps are a pair of peep toes, paint your toes a bright red, and the world will be your oyster!



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Do you have that one shade of lipstick that highlights everything about your face from your lips to your eyes? No matter where you are you get complimented on how full and sensuous your lips look! Every lady wants to have those perfect, kissable lips. If you don’t have that feel and you need an extra little something why not splurge and go buy yourself a great shade to enhance your beauty and to help give you those lips that any lady would kill for! Finish your lipstick off with a slight sparkle of a lip gloss! With the right shades for your skin tone you can and will be unstoppable in any conversation or social setting!



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There is nothing worse than a day where it feels as though the entire world has been fighting against you from the start. You walk in the door, take off your bra; let’s be honest, most of us love the moment we take off our bra, and let out a sigh of relief. You go into your bathroom, light a few candles, put on your favorite relaxing music, and turn the shower on as hot as it goes. The room fills with the perfect mix of steam, music, and the aroma of your candles. Ah, perfection! You step in and allow the water to rush over your body and you let the day just wash down the drain. If a bath is more your thing put in some bath oils that make your skin touchable soft. You take a little extra time to slowly shave your legs and make sure they are just perfect instead of rushing through your routine as though you are running late for an appointment. And you just breathe! Sexiness is not always bout dressing up, sometimes it is just letting your hair down after the days stresses are over.



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You’re driving down the road with all of the windows down, your hair is blowing in a swirl around your face, and you have the music turned up so loud the people 5 cars back can hear it, and you are belting out the words even though you know they aren’t right! That is when you feel at your best, the world has no judgment because it’s just you and the tunes on the radio … not to mention, you wouldn’t be able to hear the judgment since the radio is so loud! Whether the sun is shining bright and you have your sunglasses on, and regardless of your marital status the man next to you smiles and you give him a little smirk before you drive off; you just know that you’re hot! Or, if you are driving down a country road on a warm summer night, and nothing else exists but you, the road, the stars, and the music, you just know that nothing in your life matters but the curves up ahead. You feel truly at your sexist in those small moments in life.



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The Carefree Freshness Challenge pushes us for the next 30 days to be our best us that we can possibly be. Try something new and put new habits in your life that make you the sexist woman that you can be. No matter how big or small those changes may be, it doesn’t matter because it is all about YOU!


Join Carefree in committing to their 30 Day Carefree Freshness Challenge between August 12, 2014 and September 10, 2014. Visit the #CarefreeChallenge for 30 days of fresh tips and ideas to stay fresh for longer. Also, while you are there, enter to win their GRAND PRIZE of $5000 for a FRESH new wardrobe! Today, you can enter to win a $100 gift card to a top retailer of women’s lingerie. Stay tuned for new tips and daily prizes through September 10, 2014!

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