Tips for Buying the Best Pair of Dance Shoes

by Jenn

Any dancer will probably allude that the most important facet of their body is the feet. Besides, in a similar way to how musicians prioritize the care and maintenance of their instruments, so do dancers when it comes to caring for and maintaining their feet. Dance floors tend to be notably capricious for a dancer’s feet. On such floors, anything may cause, for instance, risky foot slips or awkward turns. Since dance is similar to any other sport, you need to have the right equipment to perform well.

The correct pair of dance footwear can make a great difference in your dance workroom experience. However, buying dance footwear for any dance form might be a challenge for a beginner. As such, here are some tips to help you buy the perfect pair of dance shoes. 


There are various shoes for different types of dances such as American rhythm, ballroom, Latin, Jazz, or American Smooth. As such, the user determines the style that you should select. For instance, Latin shoes normally have open toes as well as higher heels. Open toes allow the heel’s height to position the weight forward onto the foot’s ball, and the flexibility of the shoe’s toe allows sharp movements as well as turns. 


A significant number of dancers seldom prefer thick-heeled dance shoes as their first pair during practice. As such, most of the dancers don’t prefer going for practice shoes. Instead, they choose the real deal right from day one. Importantly, it’s easier to turn with slim heels, while flared heels are ideal in instances where more stability is needed. 

Color and material

The shoe’s color and material may help you express your style. Normally, the first-choice shoes for practice are bronze, tan, or flesh-colored. Additionally, it is ideal to start with canvas or leather shoes. In most competitions, patent leather shoes are pervasive due to their sharp look. Male dancers, on their part, prefer a combination of suede and leather shoes since they augment their personality in dance and no one desires to be left behind in that area. Quality leather shoes for dancing are often preferred over synthetic materials because they not only stretch but also mold to the foot’s shape over time. 

The size that fits correctly

Your dance footwear needs to fit properly. In addition, sizing is also essential in that if the size is too big, there is a possibility for your footwork to suffer. On the other hand, shoes that are too small in terms of size might pinch and blister, thus making your dance practice an agonizing experience. 


It’s a herculean task trying to find the perfect dance shoes. However, there are ‘near-perfect’ alternatives that you may consider. In this sense, try looking for a pair that offers you comfort and support, especially the first time you put them on. In essence, with a pair of quality dance footwear, you not only learn better but also dance longer. 

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