Tips To Help Your Pets Avoid The Back-to-School Blues

by Jenn

Pet anxiety can happen for a variety of reasons but the back-to-school season is often a common time when pet owns might start to see changes in their cat or dogs behavior.

Did you know that studies have shown that almost 20 percent of the nations 80 million dogs have separation anxiety?  Oh, and for senior dogs, it’s about 29 to 50 percent.  So with the back-to-school season here our pets could be suffering from separation anxiety because they are going from months of playtime and interaction with the family to an entirely different schedule which in many cases can consist of little to no interaction during the day because everyone is at work and school.

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With kids heading back to school and work schedules not quite so relaxed you may worry your pets may start to feel lonely or experience separation anxiety when they are home alone.  To help I’ve teamed up with Purina to share a few tips on what pet owners can do to help address these issues in their pets.

Tips To Help Your Pets Avoid The Back-to-School Blues

While we might not be able to stop the back-to-school season from approaching each year, there are things we can do to help our pets avoid the back-to-school blues.  Here are a few things you can do to help your dog feel happy and loved all year long.

1.) Know what to look for – First, it’s important that we all know what signs to look for so we know if our furry friend is suffering from separation anxiety.  According to Purina’s veterinarian, Dr. Kurt Venator pet owner should look for the three following changes.

  • Improper urination or defecation in the house that is not due to potty training.
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Excessive chewing or other destructive behavior in the home.

2.) Consider a friend – if you only have one dog or cat you may want to consider getting them a pal to hang out with while you are away.  Having a buddy always seems to help my dogs from getting lonely and seems to make them happier.

Tips to help your pets avoid the back-to-school blues

3.) Get a routine together – Once the kids are back in school do your best to come up with a routine you can stick with.  Leaving and coming home at the same time every day can help your pet to adjust to their new schedule easier.

Tips To Help Your Pets Avoid The Back-to-School Blues

4.) Take your dog places – All my dogs have always loved to go with us.  It doesn’t matter if we go to the park or around the block they just like to go, and it’s a great way to remind them just how special they are.  During the school year I let Trip go with me to take the girls to school every morning, he loves it, and it gives him his special time away from the other dogs.  Plus this way there is something that he looks forward to even though his schedule has changed.

5.) Exercise – We can all use a little exercise and so can your furry friend, especially if they are experiencing separation anxiety.  So take the dog for a walk and spend some time playing with the cat, let’s get our pets moving.


6.) Keep the TV on– When I’m home alone even if I am not watching the TV, I like to have it on for the noise. I remember when I was younger my mom left the TV on for our dog.  At the time I thought it was silly, but now I understand that she was trying to keep our dog entertained, so he didn’t destroy the house due to separation anxiety.  It always worked like a charm.  I personally think he enjoyed watching TV while we were gone.  

7.) Playtime with the kids – Make sure the kids are still spending quality time with your pet.  It’s hard when they get home from school and have to get their homework done, chores, baths, dinner and get ready for bed but do your best to make sure your kids are still spending quality time with your pet each day.  I’ve learned that dress up often works nicely because by the time my kids are done our pets can’t wait for them to go to school so they can take off the ridiculous clothes lol.

Purina aims to drive the health and well-being of pets, so they are able to live healthier, happier and bigger lives with their families.  To read more information on pet separation anxiety and how you can address it with your dog or cat be sure to check out 7 Tips to Comfort Pets with Separation Anxiety.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Purina by myself.  All opionions and photos are my own. 

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