Tips To Bring Back The Spark in a Boring Relationship

Do you remember the good old days? In the beginning, you don’t worry about searching for ways to bring back the spark in a boring relationship. When your relationship was fresh and new it was exciting, passionate, full of energy and required little effort., those intense feelings don’t always last but there are ways you can spice up your relationship, keep the spark alive, and connect with the feelings you thought were a thing of the past. Tips To Bring Back The Spark in a Boring Relationship

10 Tips To Bring Back the Spark in a Borning Relationship

Having a good relationship requires work and a real effort. I hope you find some of these tips help you bring the spark into your romantic relationships and make them feel fresh and new again.

Let your partner know you notice their qualities

It’s easy to focus on one another’s flaws and what is not being done. Step back and notice your partner’s qualities and let your partner know what you think about their qualities too. It will not only be motivating to them but you’ll see your partner in a different light too.

Be part of your relationship

If you want a happy healthy relationship, you have to be part of your relationship, listen to your partner, have meaningful conversations, and take time to be part of your relationship. Relationships take work and effort from both people, has it grows.

Make intimacy a priority

Staying focused on physical and emotional intimacy is a great way to put the spark back into your relationship. Intimacy is an essential part of a relationship and it’s key to a healthy and happy relationship.  Spicing things up can be something as simple as a subscription to TIPS TO HELP SPICE UP YOUR LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP

Don’t skip out on date night

As your relationship becomes more long-term and the two of you get comfortable with one another, it’s easy to put off date night. Don’t put off spending quality time together outside of your home. Make date night a priority even if you run out and grab ice cream together it can help bring a little spice back to your relationship.

Make time for quality conversations

Avoid any talk about the bills, kids or things responsibilities that need taken care of. Remember your relationship you talked all night about nothing of importance? Try to put time aside where you connect about nothing important and enjoy one another’s company.

Avoid overusing your digital devices

I’m horrible about checking my emails while talking with my partner and the other day I noticed he did it too. Let’s say, it was a slap in the face. It’s important to turn off the TV, put away the electronics, and focus on each other if you want to connect on a deeper level. TIPS TO HELP SPICE UP YOUR LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP

OMG, do not use digital devices in the bedroom

Yet another digital error I’m sure both men and women are guilty of is having their electronic devices in the bedroom. Checking emails, playing games and browsing the net in the bedroom will only help create more distance. Time in the bedroom should be a time you connect with one another whether it’s holding each other while you fall asleep or putting a focus on your sex life. The bedroom isn’t the place to ignore one another it’s a place to connect with one another on an intimate level. So put up the digital devices in the bedroom and try something that will spice up your time in the bedroom.

Go on a mini-vaca

If you are looking to get the spark back, consider heading out on a little vacation with your partner. Going on a little vacation can help the two of you build happy memories together, get away from the stress of daily life and help you connect and find that spark again.

Do something new together

Cook dinner together, go to a ball game or join a yoga class together. The new will help breathe fresh air into your relationship. New is always good because it helps keep things fresh always good for creating a lasting spark.

Have fun in the bedroom

I don’t know if there is a better way to keep that spark alive and burning bright than keeping things new and fun in the bedroom. Connecting and being able to try new things in the bedroom cannot only help spice up your relationship but can bring your relationship to another level. It doesn’t have to be difficult either you can do something as simple as enrolling in naughty box. Which provides you with a monthly box of goodies for you and your partner to keep your romantic life new and exciting. This way whatever is in your monthly naughty box is a surprise for both of you. pleasure pantry These naughty goodie boxes great because The Pleasure Pantry assembles a box of fun but naughty adult goodies from their pleasure pantry and shit it nice and discreetly to your door. It’s a surprise for both you and your partner and there are different versions to choose from. Oh, and you can also customize your naughty goodie box so you get something that suits you and your partner. Be sure to fill out the personal questionnaire to give The Pleasure Pantry important information like sizing and preferences so they can accurately customize your box each month and remember to have fun. And, not to worry if you want to cancel you can cancel your subscription without being asked 99 questions and having to call 24 different numbers. I don’t know how this wouldn’t help spice up your relationship but if you wish to cancel, you can do so without 99 questions and 24 phone calls. Yup, just visit their website! I don’t know how something like a monthly subscription to The Pleasure Pantry can’t help you spice things up a little bit.  This is by far one of the coolest subscriptions and you better believe I’ll be giving it a whirl.


Right now you can visit and score a 40% savings on your first naughty box.  Just enter JENNIFERW777 as the coupon code when you are checking out. If you are trying to rekindle a relationship just remember if both parties are willing participants, anything is possible.  With the effort from both of you the sky is the limit so don’t give up on bringing the spark back, Soon what see you now like a boring relationship will be new and fresh again. This is a sponsored post written for The Pleasure Pantry. All opinions are my own.

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