7 Tips To Help You & Your Family Travel More Comfortable

by Jenn

It’s no secret; traveling can be uncomfortable.  It doesn’t matter whether you are flying or driving too much time traveling isn’t the best of situations.  Since I love traveling so much, I’ve found a few little luxuries that make traveling more comfortable whether you’re driving or flying.

tips To Help You Travel More Comfortable7 Tips To Help You & Your Family Travel More Comfortable 

Here are seven tips to help both you and your family travel more comfortable! I hope you find something that helps make your travels less stressful, more fun, and comfortable. 

  • Bring along a blanket – I don’t know about you, but I take a blanket with me when I travel.  Anytime I fly and want to relax I’m too cold, same with driving.  A small plush blanket helps me relax.
  • Download movies to your smartphone – Since you can’t always stream while traveling be sure to download a movie or two on your smartphone.  You won’t have to worry about service, and it will help you pass the time.  If you’re traveling with children be sure to download something for them as well.
  • Dress comfortable – Traveling isn’t a time to worry about how you look.  Of course you want to look presentable, but you can do that comfortably.  Make sure you and your family are wearing loose fitting clothing so you can move around easier.
  • Slip on shoes – Put comfortable shoes, preferably slip on shoes on everyone.  It’s always nice to be able to slip on and off your shoes whether it’s to nap in the car or quickly take them off to go through airport security. 
  • Food and drinks – If traveling via plane be sure everyone has eaten something, had something to drink and used the restroom.  You may also want to pack a light snack depending on how old your children.  Food and drinks seem to be easier when traveling by car.  Not only is it easier to pack a cooler with drinks and snacks, but it’s also easier for everyone to eat and drink. 

travel comfy

  • Schedule stops – If you’re traveling by car it’s easier to schedule stops every few hours.  On the other hand, at least there is always a bathroom nearby when traveling by plane.  However, using the bathroom on the plane isn’t always easy, especially with kids so try to plan out your bathroom breaks between flights and every few hours if you are traveling by car.
  • Activities – If you’re traveling with kids be sure they have something to do – coloring books, music, movies, etc.  Activities will help them keep their mind off the fact they are traveling and may be a little uncomfortable.  Don’t forget to bring something alone for you as well, unless you are driving of course.

neck pillow for traveling

  • Necknapperz – If you don’t have a Necknapperz yet you’ll want to grab one.  They’re awesome for any age, super cute, and totally awesome for traveling. 

sleeping with neck pillow

We have the a Wally the Wolf Necknapperz.  He is awesome, the kids love him, and you wouldn’t believe what I had to do to get them to let me borrow him for my upcoming trip, lol.  Seriously, it was crazy, they didn’t want to let me borrow him.  It didn’t matter that I was traveling 19 hours in a car, and they were going to be at home having girl time with their aunt, Rema.  I still had to beg them, and take them out for ice cream. 

Okay, so they didn’t make me take them out for ice cream, but they didn’t ask me if I would, and I agreed.  I’m not going to see my babies for two weeks; I want as much time as possible with them.  Plus, bringing along Wally the Wolf Necknapperz will be totally worth it. 

What makes the Necknapperz so cool?  Well, you see they are stuffed animals by day, and when you go to sleep, they quickly and easily transform into an ergonomic plush neck pillow.  Cool right, a huggable, lovable, cuddling friend and a neck pillow when you need him.  It’s a genius idea, they are durable, super soft and filled with microbeads to help you get the individualized support you want to make sure you can relax in the proper posture. 



This is a Necknapperz in the neck pillow posoition.


zipper on neck pillow

Zipper where the magic begins to happen.

stuffed animal turns into neck pillow for kids

The wolf comes out of the zipper.

so cute stuffed puppy turns into pillow

You stuff the neck pillow inside the wolf, which is super easy thanks to the microbeads.  Don’t forget to zip hime up so the pillow stays safe until you need it again.

mattie worden with stuffed animalBAM, now your kids have an awesome friend to cuddle with.  If you’re lucky, they will let you borrow it for your road trip, lol.  

There is a variety of Necknapperz – Dotty the Ladybug, Belle the Cow, Buddy the Dog, Diver the Dolphin, Elephant, Jumper the Horse, Wally the Wolf, Twinkle the Unicorn, Oinky the Pig, and Julong the Panda.  Necknapperz can be purchased online and through advertisement on TV.  To get your Necknapperz for only $19.99 visit their website at NeckNapperz.com and follow Necknapperz on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post for Necknapperz.  All opinions expressed are our own.  We do our best only to provide you with information about products and services we use personally or feel our readers will find useful.  Necknapperz are not only cute they are totally comfy! 

What tips help you and your family travel more comfortable you currently use with your family when traveling via plane, train, bus, or car?  

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