Tips to Help Your Toddler with Balance and Coordination

by Jenn

Among the many skills for life you will help your child learn are motor skills. Being able to control the body in order to perform a wide range of activities, running and riding a bike, for example, takes a lot of practice and with this in mind here we seek to offer some tips on how to help your toddler with balance and coordination.

toddlerWhy Balance and Coordination are so Important

Having balance and coordination skills that are appropriate for your toddlers age is important as it lets them participate in activities such as sports. This helps their development in a variety of ways, in addition to physical development there are aspects like social and communicative skills that come into play.

Balance Bikes

Once your toddler is relatively confident on their feet, it is perhaps time to introduce them to another challenge. Balance bikes are one option, they are great fun and learning to ride one is a really good way to hone their balance and coordination. When a toddler is riding a balance bike they learn how to continually adjust the position of their bodies in order to steer and propel the bike. Their bodies also need to compensate for any changes that need to be made in order to maintain their balance.


Another excellent way of developing balance and coordination is by using toddler scooters to help with this. There is a wonderful range of products on offer and your toddler will have to use their body in a similar way to riding a balance bike and thus the same motor skills are learned. The more options a toddler has to practice these skills, the better they will become and so if you have the space in your home, both a balance bike and a scooter will help.

Supporting Activities

When there is bad weather outside or you and your toddler fancy a rest from scooting and biking, there are plenty of activities you can do inside to help support and develop their balance and coordination. So, for example, lay out a line of pillows or cushions on the floor and have your toddler walk across them – uneven surfaces are great for development.

For something less physical and more focused building blocks provide the answer. Building with blocks help develop things like; attention span, posture, and eye to hand coordination – no wonder they are such a popular toy.

Of course, many of the activities we have discussed will be things that you already do, along with a whole load more things. It is, however, nice to be reminded of the fact that these are not just fun things to do, they are important tools to help your toddlers development.

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