Tired Traveler: 5 Airport Tips for When You’re Exhausted

by Jenn

Traveling can be a tiring ordeal, and you’ll likely feel even more fatigued if you’re stuck at the airport for a long time until your flight departs. To make your time at the airport less exhausting, you can try different ways to rest and rejuvenate so that you’ll feel more alert when it’s time to get ready to board your next flight.

Find a Quiet Area 

One of the easiest ways to recharge is to find an area of the airport that’s quiet and less crowded so that you can rest with fewer distractions. A boarding area at a gate that is currently vacant and won’t be used for a while can be the perfect place to stretch out across a row of seats and get some shut-eye if needed.

Reserve an Onsite Room or Sleeping Pod

Some airports have onsite hotels with rooms that can be rented for a few hours at a time so that passengers can sleep comfortably in beds if their flights aren’t scheduled to take off for a while. Your airport may also have sleeping pods that consist of small, individual units with beds inside that can be rented for a few hours at a time.

Stay in a Nearby Hotel

You can also go to an offsite hotel that’s near the airport. This is a great option if you want to get out of the airport for a while but still be close enough that you won’t have to travel far to make it back in time for your flight. Some hotels near the airport may have blocks of time that can be reserved if you only want to stay for a few hours. Affordable airport shuttle services can transport you between the airport and the hotel if you choose this option. You won’t have to worry about car rentals or taxis. 

Request a Cot

If you plan to be stuck at the airport for an extended time period because of a long layover or flight cancelation, the airport may have cots in stock that can be requested. You can ask a flight attendant or an airport employee if you can use one of these cots, which may also come with a blanket and pillow.

Keep Yourself Occupied

If you’re worried about falling asleep because you think you might miss your flight or for personal security reasons, you should find ways to keep yourself occupied. You can take your very own culinary tour of the airport by sampling some of the foods, desserts, and drinks at the airport eateries. Some airports also have artwork on display and other attractions to entertain people while they’re waiting for their flights. Reading a book, surfing the internet, or watching a movie on a mobile device are other ways to stay occupied and fight fatigue until your flight.

You won’t have to feel so tired at the airport if you use the right resources and methods to combat your fatigue. Being more rested at the airport can help you achieve a clearer state of mind so that you’ll be able to travel with less difficulty.

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