Top Job Ideas (And Key Considerations) For Teens

by Jenn

Has your teenager started asking you about getting a job? While you may be content with providing for their every need, teaching them how to earn money is a valuable lesson. A job can help your teen develop essential skills, from commitment and time management to teamwork and diversity, that will prepare them for adulthood and beyond. Here are some popular ideas if you’re on board with your teen getting a job. 


One of the most common job opportunities for teens is retail. Many local stores and boutiques are looking for young, talented, and committed individuals to join their teams. Teenagers don’t have the same obligations as adults, which makes them ideal for holding positions like cashiers, floor assistants, greeters, and customer service reps. 

Your teen might appreciate working in retail if they’re interested in fashion, love socializing with others, or enjoy receiving discounts on their purchases. Although it’s an entry-level position, hard work and longevity can often lead to promotions. 

Key Considerations: While working in retail can be a dream job for teens, there are some factors to consider. For starters, most retailers require that team members work on the weekends. If your teen has extracurricular activities or outside obligations on the weekends, you may want to consider something else. You’ll also need to ensure your teen has a reliable means of transportation to get to and from work. If you can’t drive them yourself, you may want to consider public transportation or rideshare services. 


Another excellent job opportunity for teens is working in a restaurant. It’s a fast-paced industry that can teach your teen invaluable skills. Entry-level positions include host/hostess, waiter/waitress, dishwasher, bus person, and kitchen support. Restaurants always look for people with flexible schedules, an upbeat personality, and the willingness to work with a team. 

Teenagers that enjoy culinary arts, customer service, or business management would learn a lot from working in a restaurant. They’ll also appreciate the extra cash they earn from tips. 

Key Considerations: One of the most critical factors when allowing your teen to work at a restaurant is their health and safety. They’re on their feet all day and working in an environment with a high risk for accidents (burns, slips and falls, and injuries). Ensure your teen eats a healthy diet, stays active, and gets plenty of sleep. You might also consider purchasing restaurant shoes to provide comfort and support while reducing their risk of falling. 

Company Internships

If your teen is headed off to college soon, it may be beneficial to apply for internships. These are paid and unpaid positions within companies designed to help teens develop skills in their areas of professional interest. You can find internships for establishments in industries ranging from retail and hospitality to IT and marketing to appeal to your teen. 

Internships allow teens to see what it might be like to work in an office setting and gain knowledge to help them decide on a major. 

Key Considerations: Applying for an internship differs from the above job options. It’s professional and competitive and requires extra effort to get recognized. You’ll need to assist your teen with creating a resume, cover letter, and online portfolio. You should also help them practice for an interview and ensure they have business-appropriate attire to impress the hiring managers. 

Online Opportunities

Adults aren’t the only ones that can earn money online. Teens are often more tech-savvy, enabling them to make some extra cash in their spare time. They can answer surveys, play games, design apps, write blogs, record videos, or even become an influencer on social media. 

Online income opportunities for teens are often more convenient because they won’t have to be interviewed or work long hours. They can also develop traits of an entrepreneur or freelancer. 

Key Considerations: Although earning money online can prove beneficial and convenient for teens, some downsides exist. For example, finding a balance between giving your teen privacy while safeguarding them from negative influences on the internet. Developing dialogue and educating your teen on the importance of avoiding dangers and speaking up when challenges arise is essential. Then set boundaries and allow your teen to tap into their creativity to earn money.
It won’t be long before your teen is grown and headed off to college or the workforce. Give them the appropriate foundation to become outstanding citizens by allowing them to get a job. Although it will require commitment, effort, and the support of the entire family, the experience and knowledge your teen will acquire make it worthwhile.

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