16 Must-Have Travel Items for Any Trip

by Jenn

It never fails, when I travel I forget something important.  As a matter of fact, I got back from a weekend getaway two with the family two days ago and left behind several important travel items because I did not make sure I had everything on my list of “must have travel items” that I keep in my office.  I learned my lesson.

I have learned that even when I think I have everything,  double check my list to make sure because forgetting essentials makes things more stressful and costly.  Which is why I decided I would share a few things from my list of must have travel items you shouldn’t leave home without. Whether you plan to travel on an airplane for a weekend getaway or heading out for a week-long road trip here are a few items we think you shouldn’t leave home without.

16 Must-Have Travel Items for Any Trip16 Must-Have Travel Items for Any Trip

Whether you are traveling alone, in a group or with the kids here are 16 must have travel items for any trip or vacation you go on.

1.) Clothing that doesn’t wrinkle

Wrinkles happen even when we put extra time into packing our suitcase.   Come the second day, we are getting into our suitcase, and it’s hard to avoid wrinkles.   Try to focus on clothing that is wrinkle free. Nobody wants to iron on vacation or look sloppy by sporting wrinkles.  When packing wrinkle-free clothing can save you time and stress on your vacation.

16 Must-Have Travel Items for Any Trip2.) Sandals or flip flops

Sandals are great to bring along on vacation because they are stylish and don’t take up too much space.  Plus, I don’t know about you but if I have to leave my hotel room to run to the lobby or grab something from my vehicle; I want something I can and slip on.  

3.) LCD Pocket Light

An LCD pocket light can come in handy for lighting up stairways or other areas you are not familiar with.  Having a pocket light can also make a wonderful reading light if you are flying at night, staying in a hotel room or looking for something at night in your vehicle.   

4.) Hand sanitizing wipes

Whether you are planning to travel on an airplane or staying in a hotel room sanitizing wipes can come in handy.  Use them to wipe down your armrest on the airplane or any other place you think germs hang out. I like to use them after I leave the bathroom. Yes, I was my hands after using the bathroom. However, not touching the door handle after washing your hands has proven to be a difficult task for me.  Since tons of germs live there, I like to use a sanitizing wipe after leaving the bathroom. Oh, and they are great for traveling with kids and all their fun messes too.

5.) Tide sick

Since you can’t toss your favorite shirt in the washer having a tide stick can be a lifesaver.

Travel Must Have Items6.) Power bank or smartphone case charger

I’m a firm believer in always traveling with a high capacity power bank for my electronics.  You’ll want your phone charged if you have an emergency so I have a smartphone case charger for my phone too.  

7.) Ziploc bags

This is a travel must have, because they can keep your luggage organized and keep items safe while you are traveling.  I use them to keep the kid’s swimsuits away from their other clothing every time we stay in a hotel and always pack all liquids in a Ziploc bag to avoid spills on my clean clothing.

8.) Prescriptions

You’ll want to remember to bring along and prescriptions you take and if needed get a refill before you leave for your vacation.

9.) Eye mask

Having an eye mask can help you sleep better whether you are on a plane, passenger in a vehicle or at the hotel.

Must Have Travel Items10.) Tablet

Bringing along a tablet is great for tons of reasons.  They are great for keeping the kids busy while flying or road tripping, access your books using your tablet, travel apps, music, and most tablets are small and easy to carry while traveling.  If I’m going on a quick weekend trip, I often bring the tablet rather than my laptop for work.

Travel Must Have Items11.) Notebook

I like to bring along a notebook so I can keep track of things along the way.  Whether you are tracking a budget, daily activities, or your travel plans. I like to have a notebook to keep track of my spending.  Tracking my spending with a notebook not only helps me stay within my budget, I find it easier than keeping track of recipes, using an app on my smartphone and easier to review when I get home.

12.) Pain reliever

The need for a pain reliever happens more than I would like to admit when I’m on vacation.  The excitement of the trip hits the first night and it’s easy to have a drink too many with dinner or allow the stress of your travels to get the best of you.  Bringing along pain reliever can help with a headache.

homemade first aid kit13.) Mini first aid kit

Having a mini first aid kit can come in handy if you are traveling in your vehicle.   

Must Have Travel Itmes14.) Map

Technology can fail us, losing service happens more than anyone would like when they are traveling.   It’s best to always have a trusty map somewhere in your vehicle to avoid getting lost if you do not have cell phone service.

Must Have Travel Items15.) Mucinex

So many people think we only get sick in the winter months but families should still be prepared for colds throughout the year, especially when you are traveling.

Mucus is our body’s defense against infection.  We are exposed to new allergens, environmental pollutants, germs and more when traveling which can lead to our overproducing mucus.  The best thing you can do is try and avoid mucus but that isn’t always possible.  Having an over-the-counter medication like Mucinex can be a lifesaver on your vacation.  Mucinex can help relieve congestion or cold symptoms so you are able to you enjoy your spring and summer to the fullest.

must have travel itmesYou can choose from a variety of Mucinex products such as:

  • Maximum Strength Mucinex Fast-Max provides multi-system relief in a single dose including a cough, sore throat, nasal and chest congestion, sinus pressure and body paid.
  • Mucinex SE provides you with immediate relief from yucky bothersome mucus and chest congestion for 12 hours, unlike many other cold medicines.
  • Maximum Strength Mucinex DM provides immediate relief for bothersome mucus, chest congestion, and intense coughing for 12 hours, unlike many other cold medicines.

To learn more about Mucinex and see their full line of products you go to Mucinex.com.

neck pillow for traveling16.) Neck pillow

Another must-have travel item is a neck pillow.  They are great for relaxing in the car or on a plane and can make all the difference in the world if you want to get some rest.  Neck pillows help my kids get some sleep in the car without too much bickering.

I can think of several more things I consider must have travel items such as – shampoo, conditioner, makeup, curling iron, and other personal hygiene items but they are typically some of the first things I pack so I didn’t add them to the list but I did want to mention them, just in case.

What are a few of your must have travel items?

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Mucinex.  All opinions are my own.

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