Try this AMAZING Shrimp Pasta Recipe

by Jenn

Try this AMAZING Shrimp Pasta.  It is cheaper to make at home.  Let’s face it, we have all went out for a nice dinner with the family and leave with an empty pocket.  It was nice having dinner away from home and not having to cook, but think about the money that could have been saved.  I know this is the way my husband and I feel every time that we go out to eat.

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

I am not one that likes to eat seafood, but my husband and kids love it.  They eat shrimp every chance that they can get.  I decided to make a shrimp dish that they could eat at home and enjoy.  All while me saving my money.  I now can buy more food at home and even an outfit or more for each of us in the home.  Whatever I decide, I can get so much more for my money now since making this AMAZING Shrimp Pasta dish.

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

This dish does have a spicy kick to it, but you can always leave out the spice or lessen the amount, whichever you choose.

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

If you like shrimp and pasta’s then I hope that you will give this AMAZING Shrimp Pasta dish a try.  Make it at home and after you notice how much money you have saved, I am sure you will want to start making more at home.  Not only that, my family says it is delicious.  Get the recipe below for your convenience and remember that you can put less spices or even more if you choose.  Have fun making this dish and saving money at the same time.  This will also allow more quality time for you and your family together.  Come back and let me know how well your Pasta turned out and if you did anything differently.

Shrimp Pasta Recipe


I hope you enjoy this shrimp pasta recipe as much as my family did!  Enjoy!

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