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Tweedledee, Tweedledum 5 Top Ways To Make Bathtime Fun!


My two little ones, under the age of 3 years old, love their bathtime!! All I have to do is start getting their pajamas ready towards the end of the evening and they go silly, running around singing “Bathtime, Bathtime” they are too cute! As you know when kids get a bit older bathtime can become a chore, so as a parent, I do my best to keep bathtime fun. I’m always on the look out for new, fun, innovative bath toys that I know will last a long time and that my kids will love. I was super excited to have come across the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout from Yookidoo!!

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Tweedledee, Tweedledum 5 Top Ways To Make Bathtime Fun!

  1. Home items- Like a strainer is super fun for the kids to play with in the bath. They will have a blast making rain, capturing sea creatures from the bottom of the ocean (bath tub) and so much more.
  2. Washable Markers or Crayon- Keep in mind to be sure they are “Washable”! Simply toss the crayons or washable markers that you already have on hand right in the tub. Your kids will have alot of fun coloring all over the tub walls. These are my favorite, they work great for luring my eldest boy age 8 to the tub who hates to take a bath, works every time!
  3. Grab A Spray Bottle- Liquid water paint in a spray bottle is so much fun for your tot. They will be amazed watching as their bath bubbles turn colors while they are spraying them. Using a spray bottle also helps to strengthen their fine motor skills.
  4. Fizzing Bath Tablets- Now, if your not comfortable using water paints, washable markers and crayons then fizzing bath tablets are for you!! You can find these in most stores and they come in several diferent colors. Just drop them into the bath tub, kids will love watching as they fizzle and change the color of the bath water.
  5. Bath Toys- Here is another of my favorite bathtime fun items. Bath toys are great for making bathtime super fun! Of couse the ever so popular rubber ducky is an all-time kids favorite, along with other water resistant bath toys liike wind up fish that swim across the top of the tub water, charctor themed sponges and so on. We choose bath toys that will not only keep the kiddos happy but teach them as they bathe, like the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout fro Yookidoo!!

Bath time in our home became that much more fun with the Flow N’ Fill Spout! Yookidoo® Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout is a safe way for kids to enjoy their bath time and it fits every tub. This cutesy bath toy is super easy for kids to use, just push the goggles to start the water flow.


Your kids will have a blast changing the three different colored bath cups to view surprising water effects like the propeller, shower and peek-a-boo. They will love using the swivel arm and stack the cups under the spout.


You will also have fun showing your tots how to turn on the spout by pressing on the goggles it’s that simple. I think I had more fun than my kids did showing them how to maintain the constant water flo, cup stacking, effects of each tumbler and how to swap them out….lol!!! I love the Flow N’ Fill Spout from Yookidoo, my kids have a lot of fun and they are learning while taking a bath.

For more information on the Flow N’ Fill Spout or any one of the fine Yookidoo products, simply visit the website! You can find this wonderful Yookidoo bath toy nationwide at www.BabiesRUs.com!
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  1. Becky Schollian March 8, 2016
    I so agree Cindy, my Novi is so independent, she loves here Flow'N Fill Spout from Yookidoo! She thinks is fun to fill all the cups and watch the propeller spin, way fun for the kiddos!
  2. Cindy McElwee February 19, 2016
    The Flow N'Fill~ Spout! Looks & sounds awesome ~ I love that my little one can do everything her self ♥ it's very creative ~ so many ways to play ♥

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