Ultimate Tips to Save Money While Shopping Online

by Jenn Brockman

Online shopping is a thrilling experience because you have the pleasure of going through a variety of products and brands at the convenience of your home. Ordering it online, waiting for it to arrive and unboxing it feels as if you have gifted yourself something you love!! Some of you might have online shopping as a hobby (though it cannot be technically called so ) and would love to keep yourself updated with the latest trends. If you feel you will burn a hole in your pocket by doing so, relax!! Here are a few lesser-known tips that will help you save money while shopping online.

Ultimate Tips to Save Money While Shopping Online
  1. Select the right day to shop: Most retailers are aware that people shop more during weekends, and that is when they adjust their price to make profit. Instead, be wise and choose to shop during Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These are the days when the prices are considerably lesser and shopping online on these days can save your expenses.
  2. Purchase in Incognito mode: Many websites track your browsing history, especially that of your previous purchases, location, and emails to track the prices that you were offered during your previous purchases. This is called dynamic pricing and it usually permeates the online shopping platforms. To avoid being victimized, close your emails and shop in Incognito browser window, especially when you shop big- ticket items.
  3. Don’t leave your shopping cart empty: Whenever you browse certain products on a particular shopping site, do not leave your cart empty. The retailers will know that you are interested in buying the product if it still lies in your cart for a few days. In order to avoid you from buying it from their competitor sites, they will send you discounts, offers or other incentives to retain your business. This is another intelligent way of saving money when you shop online!!
  4. Shop during Sales: Retailers tend to offer huge discounts on their old products when they have to refill their shelves with the new arrivals. If not for the products in vogue for the next season, you can at least plan to buy your essentials like T-shirts, Jeans, innerwear etc. and stock them up. So, wait for off-season, quarterly or yearly sales to be announced by the retailers and save money while you shop online.
  5. Keep yourself updated: Create a separate E-mail ID to receive promotional emails or emails regarding such offers and keep yourself updated. Browse through these when you plan to shop and utilize these to the maximum extent to save money. You can also like and follow pages of your favorite retailers on Facebook to keep yourself updated on the latest products as well as their offers from time to time.
  6. Utilize Coupon codes: Retailers offer coupon codes and discounts regularly to attract customers to their shopping site. Most retailers also approach coupon search engine websites that offer you coupon codes on any product you purchase online as well as a variety of retailers to choose from.
  7. Strategically use coupons: It is not just important to utilize the coupons, but you should know how to save more by utilizing it strategically. For example, some retailers allow you to use multiple coupons at checkout. If you have two coupons of $20 off and 5% off, you should know which one to use first to save more money. Utilize the 5% off coupon first and get an additional $20 discount on the discounted price. Save more and enjoy!!

Shop intelligently using the above tips and save more money while you shop online!! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping!!

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