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Untangle your Cords with Recoil


Are you tired of all those cords for your electronics hanging down everywhere? You can solve that problem with a Recoil Automatic Cord Winders.

Untangle your Cords with Recoil 

It is truly amazing at the amount of electronic gadgets that we use in today’s society. Most people, especially teenagers, would not be caught dead without their cell phones. They are a great tool to keep in touch. And then, of course, there is the business man who carries his laptop or tablet with him when he travels, or those individuals who love the gaming products, and cameras. Yes, these are all great electronic products to have handy in today’s world. But, what about the actual cords that supply the energy to all these products. If you happen to charge more than one product at a time, you know how quickly the cords can become tangled and quite frankly, becomes a bit daunting because these sensitive cords can easily become damaged. Or try storing these cords. It is a complete mess because the cords get so tangled. Recoil Winders has found an answer to this problem.


Many, many thanks to the Recoil Winders Company for providing me with both a Small Recoil Winder and a Large Recoil Winder to test out. 

I asked my husband to assist me in this review because he has a lot of electronics that he could use these Recoil Winders on. Once I explained the process to him and instructed him on how they work, he asked if I could order a dozen or so of the Winders in various sizes. Now, my husband is not easily impressed; however, he loved the idea behind the Recoil Winders and the simplicity of the actual product. Needless to say, he loved the fact that he could protect his fragile electronic cords from damage, especially when we are traveling.


I used the Large Recoil Winder on this external drive.


On my husband’s headphones, I used the Small Recoil Winders. 

The idea is ingenious! You merely double your cord over and place the end on the white hook which is located in the middle of the Recoil Winder. Pull downward at an angle, while holding the cords. This will release the spring inside the winder to wind up the cord. To unwind, simply grasp the cords and while holding, pull at an upward angle. 

The Recoil Automatic Cord Winders are offered in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The Small Recoil Winders are geared for cords for items such as headphones without a microphone, ear buds, iDevice cables and most USBs. The Medium Recoil Winders are great for storing mid-size cords such as USB cords, ear buds, larger headphones and chargers up to 4 feet long. While the Large Recoil Winders are ideal for laptops, tablets, and gaming cords. The Large Recoil Winders handle cords and cables up to 6 feet. The Recoil Winders also have a Combo Pack, which includes a Small, Medium and Large Recoil Winder, or you can get the Combo Pack that includes 2 Medium size Recoil Winders and a Large Recoil Winder.   You can even get a storage rack for your Recoil Winders. But, the beauty of these Recoil Winders is the fact that they are so tiny and fit easily in your pocket or case. 

All the sizes of the Recoil Automatic Cord Winders come in a variety of five colors: black, blue, green, red and white.

Of course, you will want to stop by the Recoil Winders’ Facebook page, as well as their Twitter page, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and You Tube

The Recoil Winders are a tremendous tool to help you with all those cords you deal with everyday. Keep all of your cords organized and protected against any damages. Make sure you order enough of the Recoil Automatic Cord Winders though to fit all your electrical product needs. I know I am definitely going to order more of these!!

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