Use SweeTARTS Ropes To Tell Mom She Is A SweetHEART For Mother’s Day

by Jenn

The famous SweeTARTS have been popular in our country and been a favorite for quite some time. Of course, you can always take a good thing and make it better. That is what SweeTARTS did and they joined with Smiley 360 to spread the word about SweeTARTS Ropes candy. I was lucky enough to be asked by Smiley to also enjoy and talk about the new SweeTARTS Ropes candy. Now I can use SweeTARTS Ropes to tell Mom she is my SweetHEART on Mother’s Day

SweeTARTS Ropes

The New SweeTARTS Ropes are chewy on the outside and classically tart in the middle. It is an awesome twist on a great candy that honestly reminds me of my childhood and my mother.  What candies can you think of that are a staple of your child hood?

SweeTART Ropes

When I think about it, SweeTARTS are one of the candy items that was around for every holiday and birthday. They remind me of Halloween and how my mother always made my costume by hand. She always took us trick or treating at the houses with the best candy. She always checked our plunder and made sure it was safe before we dove into it. She also made sure our candy was always evenly distributed and no one had more than the other.

SweeTARTS Ropes

This is not about Halloween though. It’s about Mothers. Mothers are real life super heroes that walk among us. They deserve the moon, the stars, and our eternal gratitude. Since we can’t wrap that all up for them, I have come up with some more creative ways to show our appreciation. I have found a great way to use SweeTARTS Ropes to show Mama how dear she is to the world.

SweeTARTS Ropes

Mother’s like flowers, I know my Mama does. They are beautiful and smell fantastic. Well, how great would it be if they were edible too? I thought this was a great idea and using the SweeTARTS Ropes, it can be done easily! Here’s what I did to recreate the perfect bouquet.

SweeTARTS Ropes

You’ll Need:

Small/ Medium Vase or Mason Jar
Bag of candied chocolates – brown, yellow, orange colors
SweeTARTS original candies – blue and green colors
Small bag  peanut clusters
Small bag gummy worms
2 Packages SweeTARTS Ropes
Ribbon or lace, your choice of color
5-10 pieces construction paper, your choice of colors


What You’ll Do:

Layer the candied chocolates, brown, orange and then yellow.
While layering, randomly place gummy worms and clusters throughout.
Layer Green and blue SweeTARTS on top
Draw a 4 petal flower on two different color paper
Draw large leaf on green paper
Cut out eight of each color flower (16 total) and 8 leaves
Layer two flowers and a leaf, affixing in the center with small dabs of glue
Allow to dry, about 5-10 minutes

SweeTARTS Ropes

Once the flowers are dry, using a knife or razor, cut a small cross-section in the center of each flower.
Slip the flowers of the end of each SweeTARTS Ropes
Using a straw, drill a hole in the “soil” and carefully put Ropes in each Hole
*Note: Vase or Mason Jar can be decorated any way and with anything you want. I chose some simple glitter ribbon. With all the earthy colors, the glitter adds just enough glam to posh it up. Also, if you want to personalize the flowers, before gluing them, write little love notes on the petals for Mom.

SweeTARTS Ropes

This is a fairly easy DIY gift for Mother’s Day, but it will leave an everlasting impression. The time and thought isw appreciated, along with the yummy candy and gummy, fruity, cherry outside of the SweeTARTS Ropes and the classic tart flavor in the middle.

SweeTARTS Ropes

If you want to add a gift, try a personalized photo and frame. Just get together and take creatively posed pictures on your digital camera. Upload the photos, and using an online photo editor, create a photo collage. Using a wide edged photo frame, you can paint special patterns, or sayings, or glue on sentimental items. Use Mom’s favorite colors or make it glam with some glitter and satin fabric. Use your imagination and let it say what words sometimes can’t express. Let Mom know how much she means to you!

This post was sponsored Smiley 360 and SweeTARTS and written by me. All opinions and statements are 100% my own.

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lisa August 15, 2015 - 4:14 pm

This is a cute idea for a young child. Maybe a school project. If the kids can keep from eating the candy themselves. I haven’t tried these yet.


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