VA Home Loans: How Veterans Can Get On The Property Ladder

by Jenn

In the modern age, it has become easier than ever for veterans to purchase a home. It was difficult before for veterans without this program, which led to mass homelessness. Take advantage of these loans when purchasing a home, to get the best deal possible.

What VA Loans Are

VA loans are mortgage loans provided by private lenders backed against the Department of Veteran Affairs. They can come in a variety of forms for veterans. The sole purpose is to help veterans settle into civilian life; getting a new home is one of the priorities. Avoid disappointment and use VA loans to help get yourself on the property ladder sooner rather than later.

The Benefits Of VA Loans

VA loans come with several benefits. The key one being that they don’t require any down payment on a property. That’s because the lender handles the risk and responsibility of the financial side that traditional lenders would not. The Department of Veteran Affairs covers this risk as they have worked with the government and veterans for decades.

VA-friendly loans have lower interest rates compared to conventional loans. This is for the same reason as before. These loans may avoid you paying insurance fees too, with that also covered. If you have a lower credit score, you may find that as a veteran you can purchase your home easier than ever. 

Having your Certificate of Eligibility as a veteran gives you the status and proof for life. This lifetime benefit means you can access several benefits associated with your new property. From fairer fees related to developing a property from contractors to better rates for refinancing an existing mortgage.

Ensure that you work with a loan provider that is guaranteed with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Hero Loan is one group of specialist loan providers that work with the government and veterans to close their VA home loan sooner rather than later. Specialist experts should always be your choice when it comes to getting a new home purchase.

How To Qualify As A Veteran

To qualify as a veteran and receive VA loans, you will need to earn what is known as a Certificate of Eligibility. This certificate is a legal document issued by the VA to veterans who have proved themselves a veteran. A veteran will need to have been honorably discharged from service following some days on active service.

If there is a war on, then a serviceperson will need to have served one day in a combat zone to qualify, or 180 consecutive days of active duty. If you work within the Reserves or National Guard, then you will need to work for some years before being considered.

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