Valentine’s Day-Themed Party Crafts You Need to Try

by Jenn

Nothing says “festive” like a unique holiday craft idea!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, seasonal craft projects and pretty decorations are up there with chocolate, lingerie, and cheeky party games as far as classic touches that will put anyone in a festive mood. In other words, setting the right tone is required of any decent Valentine’s Day shindig! Take a look at some of these crafty suggestions courtesy of Pinterest, some very talented bloggers, and my own ideas for craft attempts!

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Easy Crafts for The Project-Lover in You

These project ideas will have your heart “all a flutter.” Take a look at these beautiful and inspiring gifts and creations:

Romantic, Simple Valentine’s Day Decorations:

Haley of the Life is Sweet blog shared this adorable idea for a Valentine’s Day mantel garland.

For your own version, you can make good use of your holiday polaroids by stringing them up over an entrance or fireplace. String photos on strands of floss (or even with fishing line) and add hand-cut paper hearts. Then, tie the pictures/hearts to a piece of twine, hang them, and enjoy the vintage-looking display. Since the pictures have a tendency to spin, feel free to decorate the back with hand drawn hearts, stamps, and other images.

Painted Newspaper Heart Cards:

This craft looks much harder than it is to make. Consider cutting hearts out of newspaper and painting over the text with watercolor paint. (Remember, newspaper is thin, so try not to load the brush with too much water.) You can paint designs or abstract blotches of color; both look great!

The effect is whimsical and gorgeous. Once the hearts have dried, use glue to attach them to a thicker piece of cardstock paper and use a inky marker to pen a sweet message on the back.

Valentine’s Day Hurricane Candle

This craft could not be any easier. First find a large glass vase or candle holder at either a thrift market or the dollar store. Next, fill the bottom with conversation hearts. (These will secure the candle.) Next, nestle a big white candle in the middle of the candy hearts. Finally, adorn the glass container with a big white, red, or pink ribbon, and light it! Boom! Instant Valentine’s Day centerpiece!

I-O-U a Romantic Evening

This is a great, last-minute gift idea for your partner (or serious crush). Take unlined flashcards and write sexy I-O-U messages on each one. Then take a hole punch to the left hand corner of each card. Finally, take a pretty ribbon and tie them together, finishing with a bow. Some card suggestions: “I owe you one 20-minute massage.” “I owe you a home-cooked, candlelit dinner,” or “I owe you a night out on the town.”

Feel free to decorate your love coupons with watercolor paint, stickers, stamps, glitter, and/or pictures of the two of you! If you’re feeling really fancy, you can even write your I-O-U cards in calligraphy!

What are you planning to do this Valentine’s Day?

Have any of these crafts piqued your interest? Leave your comments in the space below! Here’s wishing you a steamy, fun February 14th!

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