Ways To Reconnect with Your Spouse

by Jenn

It happens all too quickly, one day we love each other the next you are stuck wondering what happened and if there is a way to connect with your spouse again.  In my opinion, it would be easier to avoid drifting apart but life happens, and none of us have an instruction manual.  It’s easy to let work, chores, kids, and everything else we squeeze into a day to become a priority.  While bills need to be paid, work needs to be done, and kids need to be raised it’s important to remember that your relationship needs to be nurtured too.

I think it’s easy to put one another off, I mean we are adults we should understand, right?  Well, yes but that only lasts so long before we slowly drift apart thanks to our busy schedules.  If you and your spouse are drifting or have drifted apart, there are things you can do to recommend and when you do it’s like falling in love all over again.  I know when my husband and I reconnected it was the best feeling in the world and I’ll never forget it.

Ways To Reconnect with your Spouse
Ways To Reconnect with Your Spouse

Here are a few things that have helped me connect with my husband again.  I hope you find something that helps and remember don’t be afraid, just try it.  I’d rather try something and know than spend my life wondering, wouldn’t you?

  • Ask about his day – We all want someone to ask about our day, and it’s a great way to spark a conversation.  Get in the habit of always asking how their day was and the conversation can lead to more talking which can lead to more.  Of course, I wouldn’t expect anything to happen right away, but this is a start in the right direction.  You are taking time out of your busy day and sharing it with your choice.

Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouce

  • Call/Text for now reason – Every now and then give your spouse a call or shoot them a text just to see how their day is going and tell them you love them.  Don’t call asking if he can help you with something after work, call because you care and you want him to know you care.
  • Make changes – Look back over your relationship and see when things started drifting away from one another.  Write down different things you think contributed to your status and come up with solutions.  Of course, time will be on the top of your list.  Well, spend some time figuring out how you can make more time for your spouse because at the end of the day they should be WAY up top on your list because without them your house isn’t a home, your family isn’t whole, and if you really love them you’ll always wonder what would have happened had left the laundry for tomorrow and spent time in the evening with your husband.  There are priorities be we often get caught up in life and forget what our real priorities are and that’s each other, our family.
  • Do something nice for him – Is there something he loves for dinner?  Make it for him out of the blue, just because he matters to you and you want to see him smile and enjoy a warm meal.  Does he have hobbies he spends time doing?  Go out there and talk to him, ask questions and care about his hobbies.  You don’t have to take them on, but it’s important to show you care and support one another.
  • Talk to your spouse – When something is wrong don’t wait to talk about it.  Make sure you can calmly talk about the situation but don’t put it off it will build until it eventually blows.  While it is important to speak about the problems REMEMBER TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU LOVE.  Don’t just complain about what they are not doing let them know you notice what they are doing too.

Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouce

  • Be open-minded – Always try and keep an open-mind.  It doesn’t matter if your spouse is telling you about something they want to do, something that happened at work or something you may be doing wrong try to keep an open mind and listen to them.  It’s easy to get defensive without hearing them out, trust me I know I have had to learn to be more open-minded because there are a lot of things I did wrong to contribute to where my husband and I are in our relationship, both good and bad.  It wasn’t until I was willing to stop and listen with an open mind that I could see my faults and fix them.
  • Don’t just say sorry back it up – Don’t just say you are sorry for something you’ve done wrong, but put it into action and show your spouse.  If you are not sure how to fix it, ask them.  Say something like, “What are things I could do differently to make you feel appreciated.”  At the end of the day, we all just want to know we matter to our spouse.
  • Don’t blame anyone for your mistakes – Don’t blame anyone for the mistakes you have made because it says you are not willing to accept responsibility for your action.  However, do not get sucked up into the blame game either. Yes, take responsibility for your actions, but your partner should be willing to do the same.  Now that doesn’t mean have a knock down drag down fight. Calmly let them know you are that you can be closed-minded at times but that you do not feel it’s all your fault.  This way you are not taking away from them being upset.
  • Notice the things he does – If you husband fixes a chair that was broken, the plumbing or whatever else he might fix take the time to notice and say thank you.  Let them know how important they are to you and the family.
  • Ask him to help you with things – I’ve always been extremely independent, so I tend to do a lot of stuff for myself.  If I can’t do them, I try harder, but I learned that asking my husband for help not only helps me get things done but it makes him feel good to do things for me and helps us connect.

Ways To Reconnect with Your Spouse

  • Send the kids to grandmas for the night & make dinner for two – I know your crazy busy and probably don’t have to spend hours in front of the stove to prepare this beautiful meal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an excellent dinner for two.  Don’t believe me?  The above picture took me no more than 30 minutes to make.  I tossed some rice in my rice cooker, warmed up P.F. Chang’s Frozen Beef and Broccoli, added some veggies and such to the fried rice and cooked it.

Beef and Broccoli is one of my husband’s favorite dishes and he loved P.F. Chang’s Frozen Been and Broccoli! It’s easy for me, has fresh ingredients that helps bring out the bold flavors. It’s hard not to love this marinated beef and crisp broccoli drizzled with savory garlic soy sauce. It’s amazing!Beef and Broccoli is one of my husband’s favorite dishes, and he loved P.F. Chang’s Frozen Been and Broccoli!  It’s easy for me, helps me save time, has fresh ingredients that help bring out the bold flavors.  It’s hard not to love this marinated beef and crisp broccoli drizzled with savory garlic soy sauce.  It’s amazing and make celebrating everyday of the week easy!

Ways To Reconnect with Your SpouseIf you are looking for great family meals or meals for two, you might want to try Bertolli Frozen Chicken Florentine!  It’s version Farfalle pasta cooks up al dente. Grilled white meat chicken and tender spinach are prepared in a luscious sauce made with white wine and Parmesan and Romano cheeses.  You can get it in both the family size and meals for two sizes at your local Walmart!  

Sounds pretty yummy right?  I sure think it does, lucky for me I think I have a package of P.F. Chang’s Beef and Broccoli in the freezer that I’m going to make tonight!  Shh, let’s just keep the fact that P.F. Chang’s did all the work our little secret for now!  Bertolli and P.F. Chang’s frozen meals are easy and tasty and can be used to Celebrate the Everyday.

What are things you have tried to reconnect with your spouse?

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Linda Manns Linneman April 19, 2017 - 11:21 am

In todays world it is so easy to get disconnected from your spouse. The busyness of life just takes over and before you know it you don’t even know each other anymore. This was a great article with great suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing

Kelly February 26, 2017 - 9:41 pm

Great post. I think it is so important just to focus on your spouce. No phones, no TV. Just listening to them.

Kayla Klontz February 22, 2017 - 11:21 pm

Thanks for this article, I needed advice on this, it’s so easy to lose that connection with someone and it’s just not worth it to lose it without trying.

Lisa February 22, 2017 - 1:33 pm

These work! Ive been married 23 years and raised a daughter. We always take time for each other, compliement and random love/mushy text throughout the day. We keep our love going and never forget to pray for our blessings.
Great post. Ill be following!
Come by and visit sometime!


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