What are Some of the Healthiest Cuisines in the World?

by Jenn

A balanced diet is a pillar of good health and you will often hear about different diets that people use to lose weight and improve their health. So, what are a few of the healthiest cuisines around the world? When you know what countries have the healthiest cuisines, you can then start looking for recipes that you can enjoy at home. This post will look at a few of the healthiest cuisines around the world to choose from.


The Greek diet is known to be healthy as a Mediterranean style of cuisine with a lot of fish, olive oil and fresh vegetables. This provides a balanced diet with healthy fats, protein and plenty of fruit and veg. 


The Israeli cuisine is similar in that it is a Mediterranean style of cuisine with a focus on legumes, olive oil and eggplants. Falafel is also a staple of Israeli cuisine and a food that is low in cholesterol but a great source of fiber and protein with many micronutrients. 

South Korean

South Korean food is growing in popularity worldwide and this is for good reason. Not only is the food tantalizing, but it is also nutrient-rich with less saturated fats than Western cuisine. In addition to this, South Korean food makes use of a lot of fermented food, which promotes good gut health.


Sweden is a nation that takes healthy eating very seriously and the results of this show with a low obesity rate of just 11%. Interestingly, you will not notice much fruit and veg but you will find a lot of fish and dairy, dark breads and berries that are packed with antioxidants. Additionally, Sweden produces high-quality food with meat and dairy products coming from animals that have been looked after and well-fed. 


Spanish cuisine is well-known and loved around the world and is a great example of healthy Mediterranean cuisine. Fresh seafood, fresh vegetables and olive oil are staples here, plus portion sizes are often smaller with tapas being so popular. Eating smaller meals slowly allows people to feel full without stuffing their faces.

Making Global Food at Home

These are a few of the healthiest cuisines around the world, but you do not need to book a flight to benefit from these styles of cuisine. You can easily cook global food at home with decent kitchen equipment like nonstick saucepans and fresh ingredients. It is then easy to find recipes online and you can usually find recipes for different skill levels. 

Everyone knows the importance of a healthy diet, but knowing what type of food is healthy is something else. These are a few of the healthiest cuisines around the world and all cuisines that can be enjoyed at home.

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