What Do You Need to Know About Moissanite Earrings?

by Jenn

Choosing a pair of Moissanite earrings is one of the best ways to add a little sparkle to any ensemble. Moissanite diamond earrings are not just about sparkle, they’re about beauty too. This article outlines what you need to know about Moissanite diamonds, including their style, durability, and colors. This will help you choose the right pair for your special day.

Designs of moissanite earrings

Moissanite earrings are an excellent alternative to diamond earrings. The price of moissanite earrings is relatively low. They are less common among men, though. If you want to wear these dangling gemstones in a more classic style, look for earrings with a classic design. 

A simple stud earring features a single, small stone inserted into the earlobe. A pair of gold stud earrings with a small oval Moissanite is a classic option. Whether you want to wear your earrings for a night out on the town or to a formal event, these beauties will make any outfit look elegant. Moissanite earrings are also a great ethical alternative to diamond earrings. Princess-cut earrings feature two stones that match each other.

Inclusions of moissanite diamonds

Inclusions are white or dark crystals within a stone, and while they can be undetectable to the naked eye, they significantly affect the clarity grade of the stone. Inclusions in moissanite diamonds are often invisible. However, they can be visible under a 10x magnification loop. Some inclusions are more severe than others, and a gemstone with multiple inclusions can have a significantly lower clarity grade.

Moissanite is extremely resistant to scratching and is even more durable than diamonds. This is a great advantage if you are wearing your earrings every day. Moissanite is also more durable than diamonds and can withstand extreme temperatures.

The durability of moissanite diamonds

You may be wondering how moissanite diamonds stack up to diamonds in beautiful style earrings. It is better than diamonds when it comes to durability, as they can withstand daily knocks without tearing. A pair of beautiful style earrings crafted with this gemstone is extremely elegant and will stand out in your collection. Moissanite is also more affordable than diamonds, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Moissanite is a popular gemstone due to its unique look, but it is not a common mineral. It is only found in meteorites and in minuscule amounts on the Earth. So, in order to create a beautiful pair of earrings, moissanite must be laboratory-grown. The process is similar to diamond cutting, but unlike natural diamonds, moissanite diamonds are not harvested from ecosystems.

Colors of moissanite diamonds

In earrings, moissanite can be used to create a variety of looks, from elegant and simple to bold and dramatic. Unlike other gems, moissanite has the best refractive index of any gemstone and is extremely hard, making it durable. Its unique reflective properties allow it to withstand heavy wear, and its price is comparatively lower than diamonds. Here are the benefits of using moissanite as an alternative to diamonds.

Moissanite has a variety of colors, making it a great choice for earrings that are crafted to complement your wardrobe. It can have a yellow, green, or gray tint when exposed to light. Moissanite is not as expensive as diamonds, but it can still be an excellent choice if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a single piece.

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