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Where Have All the Cookies Gone?


Where Have All the Cookies Gone?


Did the Cookie Monster take all your cookies? Don’t worry, you can replenish your cupboard with an assortment of mixes from The Mason Jar Cookie Company, and have plenty on hand when he visits again.                                            

Where Have All the Cookies Gone? 

Now that the weather has cooled down a bit, people will begin to bake more frequently. Most often, when a person speaks of baking, they, generally, are referring to making some type of treat like candies, cakes and cookies. With all those school and sporting activities that you attend, or those bake sales that you contribute to, a cookie is the one treat that is fairly quick and easy to fix, yet meets your obligation to pitch in. One of the fondest memories, of my childhood, is baking cookies with my mother. She was such a great cook and baker, and we spent a lot of time bonding while we made our cookies. 

Everyone loves cookies. They are fun to make, especially if you bake a batch with a loved one. But, getting all the ingredients together, depending on the variety of cookie that you are making, can sometimes be a hassle. I hate it when you have most all the ingredients, but you are missing one or two items, so you have to make a special trip to the store for that item, or you find yourself having to wash and dry the measuring cups and spoons again, because you only have one set of each. Well, The Mason Jar Cookie Company has taken all that hassle out of the equation with the various perfectly proportioned cookie mixes they offer. In addition, you don’t have to worry about whether you have all the ingredients on hand when you are ready to bake, which means no special trips to the grocery store.


Many thanks to The Mason Jar Cookie Company who allowed me to test their Orchard Oatmeal Cookie Mix. I elected to try the Orchard Oatmeal Cookie Mix, as these cookies are low in sodium, and since my husband, who is on a low sodium diet, loves oatmeal, white chocolate and raisins, this mix fit the bill. 

Everything you need to make a scrumptious batch of cookies is packed into an attractive Mason jar. The directions for baking these cookie mixes are listed on the cute little jar shaped label. Plus, The Mason Jar Cookie Company also has baking instructions and tips on their website. The Orchard Oatmeal Cookie Mix yields 24 cookies, which is more than sufficient for this household to satisfy any sweet tooth that we might occasionally have. Don’t have time to make your cookies right away? No worries, this particular cookie mix has a suggested use date of June 25, 2015. I am confident that the other mixes have a comparable expiration date as well, thereby allowing you to stock up on multiple Mason Jar Cookie Company mixes for various occasions. 

No need to worry if you are on a gluten free diet, The Mason Jar Cookie Company has you covered with the Gluten Free Berries ‘n Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Mason jar with Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour, mixed berries and white chocolate. 

The Mason Jar Cookie Company offers much more than just cookie mixes. The Anytime Sweets include various pre-made cookie mixes and brownie mixes. Breakfast treats include pancake mixes and granola mixes. However, what happens if you love all but one ingredient in a pre-made mix? Don’t worry, you can create your own jar with ingredients specifically designated by you. The process is extremely simple and even allows you to name your masterpiece, as well as adding a note, if you intend to give a Mason Jar Cookie Company mix as a gift.  


In addition, The Mason Jar Cookie Company mixes are available in either the traditional Mason jar, or a Flexible Mason Jar-shaped Pouch. 

Now I have told you just about everything that you need to know with the exception of what these cookie mixes taste like. In one word… Scrumptious! Both my husband and I love the soft cookies and if you prefer that kind as well, these cookies are just the thing. However, the beauty of these cookie mixes from The Mason Jar Cookie Company is that if you prefer a crispier cookie, you can have that, as well, by simply baking the cookies for a bit longer that the suggested stated time.


Did you know that October is National Cookie Month? Help celebrate by making a batch of your favorite cookies from The Mason Jar Cookie Company.    


Be sure to check out The Mason Jar Cookie Company Facebook page, as well as their Twitter, and Pinterest pages, too. 

I love this jar and cookie mix. Did you know that you can re-use this jar for other purposes after you make your batch of cookies? Of course, there is always the glass to fill with your favorite beverage, but then again, there are loads of crafting ideas that use Mason jars, as well. 

The Mason Jar Cookie Company Cookie and Brownie Mixes, along with their other great mixes make excellent holiday gifts for those teachers and neighbors, as well as for your family and friends. Plus, the mixes are extremely economical. Every year I bake cookies for my neighbors, but this year, I’m giving them a jar of The Mason Jar Cookie Company cookie mix. You can also order Gift Certificates from the company as well. 

Do you have your own Cookie Monster in your household? Don’t fret, you can always make more, if you have several Mason Jar Cookie Company mixes on hand.




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