Why Installing a Furnace in the Attic Is Beneficial for You and Your Family

by Jenn

It is common for a furnace to be installed in the basement, garage, or crawlspace of your home. However, a furnace can also be installed in the attic. You may need to install the furnace in the attic if a basement, garage, or crawlspace is not an option, but it is also ideal if you want to make life a little easier and less expensive. In fact, installing a furnace in your attic can be beneficial for you and your family.

Storage Space

You are creating more space in your basement or garage by installing the furnace in your attic. The utility closet that may have been used to house the furnace can now be used for outdoor gear, power tools, or seasonal items. It also allows you to make the most of the unused space in your attic.

Less Noise

It is not unusual for a furnace to make noise when it is working properly. If the noise of your furnace is distracting or irritating to you and your family, you may want to install it in the attic. This way, your furnace is farther away from your living room, kitchen, and home office, so you are not going to hear any noise from the system.

No Flooding

Installing your furnace in the basement puts your system at risk of water damage from flooding or a burst pipe. You especially want to avoid water damage if you have an electric furnace. You can lower the risk of water damage by having your furnace installed in your attic because it is not on the lower level.

Installation Cost

The installation cost is lower in an attic because it uses less ductwork to ventilate the furnace. However, it is not recommended to install an energy-efficient furnace in your attic because extreme temperatures can damage the system. Luckily, the money you save on the installation can be put toward other aspects of your home, such as bills and repairs.

Easier Installation

Using less ductwork to ventilate the furnace also means it is easier to install it in the attic. When you look into modern furnace installation, you can find systems that can be installed horizontally or vertically. You just need to ensure a professional can easily access the space in your attic, and the furnace installation should go smoothly for everyone.

If you need an alternative to installing your furnace in the basement, garage or crawlspace, consider installing your furnace in the attic. Remember the tips listed above and you should be able to save yourself from a future headache.

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