Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Child’s Education

by Jenn

This post about why parents should be involved with their child’s education is sponsored by our friends at Schoola.com.  All opinions are our own, but we think you’re going to love Schoola as much as we do, because they’re doing great things for the schools our children attend!

 Being involved with your child’s education can have a major impact on them during school hours.  Children want their parents to be involved in their education, which can be as simple as reading them a bedtime story, but there is more we can do too – healthy dinners, parent teacher conferences, extracurricular activities, PTO, but you don’t have to be on the school board to show your child you support them, their decisions, and education.

I remember the first time I made my daughter cupcakes for a holiday party they were having.  Just having her mom do something for her class made her happy, and I could see it right away.  I have always done my best to be active in my child’s education, but until recently I had to work around a demanding job, so I do understand that side of the fence too, and so did my children.  The last two years I worked for the bank I started to hate my job, because I felt like I was failing as a parent.  While my husband and I were doing great financially, I felt like the worst mother on the planet, because 90% of the time my husband attended parent teacher conferences.  I’m blessed with an amazing husband, and father to my babies, but it was hard to sit on the sidelines and watch my husband do things I felt I should be be involved in too.  Since leaving my job at the bank to work from home, I have been more active with the school, and my child’s education.  School is a huge part of a childs life, as work is ours, and it’s important parents be involved as much as they can. 

Why Parents Should Be Involved With Their Childs EducationWhy Parents Should Be Involved With Their Childs Education


I know life doesn’t come with a white picket fence, but we should do everything we can to help our children, and the schools they attend.  Here are a few reasons being involved with your child’s education and their school is beneficial.

  • Better grades – Most children who’s parents are involved in their education get better grades.  When a child doesn well in school they are less likely to be disruptive, avoid skipping school, and care more about their education.
  • Confidence –  Knowing they have support at home can give a child much-needed confidence.
  • Knowing what is going on at school – Last year Vayda wouldn’t do her math at school, she would bring it home.  After a few weeks I was finally able to learn she was embarrassed to ask because there was a little girl who was picking on her.  We were able to talk to Vayda, support her, and help guide her in learning how to handle those type of situation.  Being a kid is hard, and they don’t always want to open up so it’s important to talk to them.  
  • Serious about school – Children are more likely to take their education serious if they know you take it serious, are supportive, and involved.  You don’t have to know every math problem you help them with, but you will need to be a good resource, and know how to find the answer.  It’s also good for them to see you’re willing, and able to help.  I have been stumped by one of Catie’s math problems before, and we pulled out her math book, and found the answer together.  The next question she needed help with she was able to find the answer
  • Knowing who’s spending 7 hours a day with your child – Gosh, I cannot tell you how important knowing your child’s teacher is, and what a different it makes.  There are tons of benefits to having a relationship with your childs teacher.  You don’t have to go out for dinner, but teachers appreciate knowing you care about your child’s education.  I understand some teachers need to be more considerate before deciding a parent doesn’t care about their child’s education, but parents also need to be considerate of their child’s teacher, and their time.  Rather than making an appointment you cannot keep, take a few minutes out of your day to call them, and let them know you’re not able to get away from work.  It’s hard to speak for all teachers, and parents, but I have noticed in our area teachers tend to assume parents don’t care, and parents seem to assume they don’t need to call to cancel or reschedule their parent teacher conference.  Even when I was working I did my best to communicate with my kids teachers so they knew we were busy during the day, but cared about our childs education, and it’s always worked out well.  Teachers used to call me after I would get off work, and were willing to meet with me before work and not during the middle of the day. 
  • Behavior issues – I have little behavior issues with my kids, because they know I know their teachers and we talk all the time.  They also have a better relationship with their teachers, because they see the relationship and respect I have for their teachers.  It’s made a huge difference in the way my kids look at act at school.  The more involved I get the more involved they get.

Bond – Parents who are involved with their child’s education have an extra opportunity to bond.  School is a huge part of our kids lives, and being involved allows us to spend more time with them on their grounds.   There are tons of benefits for parents who are involved with their child’s education, and plenty of ways for parents to be involved with their child’s education – helping them after school, attending meetings, being part of the school board, helping raise money, supporting after school activates, and anything else the schools might need.  Oh, and who can forget donating their outgrown clothing to Schoola to help their school.  Schoola is one way we can all help the schools that educate our children. 

6 Reasons Parents Should Be Involved In Children’s EducationOne Awesome Way Every Parent Can Get Involved and Make a Difference

I know not all parents are able to stay home, I’ve been there.  Gosh I remember when it was hard for me to get them to school, much less help the schools with food drives, or raising money.  I count my blessings everyday, but there are ways you can help too.  You might remember my post – 12 Reasons Extracurricular Activates Matter For Kids.  It was a post we wrong for this amazing organization Schoola, which I support online, offline, and have nothing but amazing things to say about them.  I love what they do, how they go about doing it, and just cannot say enough great things about them, because they make it possible for everyone to help. 

Schoola Supports Your Kids SchoolsGiving Back With Schoola

If you have not heard of Schoola, I hope you’ll stick around read a little about them, visit their website, show some support, and spread the word, because what they are doing helps our schools, which helps our children.

Schoola – Let’s fold their outgrown clothes.  Let’s unfold their potential. 

Since learning about Schoola, I fold and send all my children’s outgrown clothing to them, because I want to help unfold their potential.  See, by giving your children’s outgrown clothing a second life you’re helping parents like myself, save money.  My kids and I also show at Schoola, because $2 of every $5 supports activates which are often most important to our children, and of course first on the budget chopping block. 

Schoola is an online shop dedicated to recycling brand-name children’s clothing, and $2 out of every $5 spend will go to fund school programs!  It’s a new program, which helps us as parents save money, on GREAT clothing, and give back at the same time. 

What brands can you get at Schoola?  Oh, everything from Adidas, Carter’s, Disney, and Baby Gap, to Ralph Lauren, Levi’s, Nike, and more is available at Schoola.com.  For both girls and boys of all ages, even my teen daughter likes shopping at Schoola!  She gosh some of the cutest blue pants, which she LOVES form Schoola (do not worry I’ll share the review shortly). 

Do you know that as of now there is 329 pages of items for boys and girls for under $5?  I’m not even joking, visit Schoola.com and see for yourself.

Schoola has been heralded by the LA Times, Parenting Magazine, Forbes, and Fox News!  So let’s give all our children opportunities at school to discover and fulfill their potential, empower a community of parents like you and I to give clothing a second chance at life, save parents money on GREAT affordable clothing for their children, let Schoola do the work, and send $2 of every $5 to support activities which are important to our children and first on the budget chopping block! 

donate clothing to schoola help schoolsHelp Your Childs School By Giving Their Outgrown Clothing to Schoola – Shipping Is FREE For You!

There truly isn’t a better way for parents to help their child’s school!  With four children, I’m always tossing clothing into a bag, which sits in my closet until I get sick of looking at it.  Now, I keep a Schoola bag, and when it’s full I ship it to Schoola in the bag they sent me, and request another so I have a place to toss my kids outgrown clothing.

SAVE 30% On Kids Clothing

Be sure to check out the great deals at Schoola, but before you go be sure to grab an additional 30% savings when you use the discount code JENN30, plus FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!  I think I’m going to have to do some more shopping, because the prices are already great.  An additional 30% savings is HUGE!  I doubt you won’t find anything, but if anything, at least request a bag so you can give your children clothing to Schoola and make a difference.  They send it to you to fill with your children’s outgrown clothing, and you pay nothing to have it shipped back.  In addition, you can earn money when you refer family and friends!  Seriously, there is no reason not to visit Schoola.com and at least check out their website, request a donation bag, and donate your children’s’ outgrown clothing. 

Don’t miss your chance to not only save big on kids clothing, but save an additional 30% on the already low prices when you use JENN30 from now until Oct. 2nd, 2014.  Don’t forget there is FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 too!  More the reasons to head over and check out the Schoola.com website here.

What are ways you support your child’s education?

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