Why The Elderly Can Be Happier in Nursing Homes

by Jenn

Consider placing an elderly relative into long-term nursing care? Sometimes, our elderly relatives are happier in such situations. Let’s discuss retirement options for the elderly. Could it be the best thing for everyone involved?

As we age, we don’t think about our end-of-life decisions. We don’t plan for them. It’s as if the human species must put the thoughts of death out of our heads; otherwise, we risk madness. Death is the only surety in life. It is the only thing we can be truly certain of that one day, we will die. Since we put all thoughts of death out of our minds until the last possible moments, we don’t think about what we will do when we are too old to take care of ourselves. We don’t plan for it, and then too often, the decision falls upon the shoulders of those we love most.

Putting Your Loved One in a Nursing Home is a Tough Decision

Those that we love – our children and their children – suffer greatly because we don’t plan for our final years. They are the ones who make the decision about when and where we retire to. They are the ones who clean out our houses after we die. They will face the decision of full-time nursing home care bravely, but they will beat themselves up about it forever afterward. They will question if it was the right time or the right thing to do. 

We are here to tell you that placing your elderly loved one into full-time nursing care might be the best decision, not the worst one. We want those placing their mothers, fathers, grandparents, or siblings into nursing homes are acting as kindly as they can. Here is why.

Placing Our Elderly in Nursing Homes is a Kindness

What if we told you that using a nursing home to care for elderly relatives was the kindest thing you could do for them, not a harshness? 

It’s good for their health

Choosing a good nursing home or solution like assisted living in San Luis Obispo gives you control over their health. When your elderly relatives live alone, they are at greater risk from things like falling downstairs, tripping, or failing to take care of themselves. Putting them into a nursing home means there are nurses on hand 24/7 if something like that happens.

They have a better social life

When you place your elderly relative into a nursing home, you eliminate the loneliness and isolation many older people experiences. Eliminating loneliness and isolation as early as you can keep their brains active for longer, which might stave off things like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

It takes away the household chores

What could be better than never having to perform a chore of your own ever again. Placing a loved one in a nursing home reduces the size of the space they are living in. This reduces things like worrying about bills, household chores, or having to go shopping for meals. The staff takes care of everything on their behalf. They are there to care for your loved one. Putting them in a home is kindness. Remember that and ignore the guilt. 

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