Why there is a need to reduce distractions and maximize positivity

by Jenn

A student spends most of their time learning. It is the basic foundation on which their future depends. A student understands how learning can open a wide range of potential for them and help them in the years to come. Most of the time, however, the teachers, mentors, guides, parents, and guardians are concerned that their student or child might get distracted. There are a variety of distractions available. If the right balance is not attained it can cause serious problems.

Parents who work full time find it difficult to take care of the distractions their child has. The most common distractions for college students are technology, parties, and friends. Partying has long-term effects on students’ health. If a person drinks too much alcohol then they are at of risk developing serious health conditions such as cancer, liver cirrhosis, brain damage, and serious cognitive loss.

It is therefore the responsibility of teachers or parents to guide their children so that they can be safe and minimize distractions. They should be able to get rid of it together. Certain teachers hold seminars through education app to make them aware of the problems. They can conduct seminars as a means to online teaching through mobile to make them full of learning.

Here is a list of a few distractions that almost all students have. It is important to take the necessary steps to overcome them. The likely solution can be used by teachers, parents, and students to overcome those obstacles.

Mobile Phone and Internet

A mobile phone is a basic need for every student as it helps them connect. They use it for browsing the internet, playing video games, listening to songs, watching movies, and so on. They can use it to check their emails and can study from anywhere. There comes several mobile phones that help a student in their studies. 

In the past years, common mobile phones were used to make phone calls and send texts only. Technology has changed for the better now. The current smartphones can connect to the internet and perform a variety of functions. A person can use it to play video games, use social media apps, and so on. The distractions can be avoided, especially while studying. Pop-up notifications can prove to be a major source of distractions.

One must try to put away their phone when studying. They can even choose to put it on silent or airplane mode. In this way, the student won’t be disturbed by phone calls or text messages while you’re studying. One can always check their phone every hour or whenever they take a break.

One must be true to themselves while making study plans. They should do it very seriously and not get distracted by social media apps for notifications while studying. These steps will help them be better and study with full concentration.


Students need constant breaks to cope up with the learning and examination systems. Partying is one such option that relaxes their mind for some time. However, if a person is addicted to partying then they can face serious health problems that will be a great source of distraction.

One must make sure to control binge drinking and make an accountability partner who makes sure that they don’t drink too much. This way they can have fun, but responsibly. This is a great way to make them aware of the harmful effect it causes.


Friends are needed by everyone to help a person celebrate happy times and provide support during bad times. Friends prevent anxiety and give a person a chance to be better and improve. Friends can also help in Increasing your sense of belonging and purpose so that they can be better. 

Friends can play a major role in one’s life but this can prove to be a major distraction as well. A wrong company can break the entire hope and learning and force a person to other practices. 


The growth years are important in everyone’s life. A student must take care to be cautious of the harmful effects that are there. They should avoid bad companions and too much alcohol usage. They should use their mobile phones wisely.

Distractions are easy to counter. One must be determined to be able to do so. 

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