Winter Skin Care | Tips For Kids Skin Care During The Winter

by Jenn

I love the cooler weather, but the cold breezes can be bad news for your skin. I feel extra sorry for my son, who has SUPER dry skin, and on top of that he can only use certain types of lotion. Children skin is extra sensitive. Those rosy cheeks might be cute, but when it’s cold outside they can hurt. Between chapped lips, dry hands, rosy chapped cheeks, and dry skin parents need to pay extra attention to their child’s skin during the winter months.

You may already know my son is handicap, and during the winter we have to pay extra close attention to his skin.  Proper winter skin care is something we have to think about with all the children, but especially for my son Bud.

Winter Skin Care Tips For Kids Skin Care During The WinterWinter Skin Care | Tips For Kids Skin Care During The Winter

Since kids have extra sensitive skin, and the winter can only make things worse it’s important we as parents follow a few steps to take care of that sweet, sensitive skin. Here are things we do to keep our childrens skin smooth, soft, and full of moisture during the chilly winter months that can wreak havoc on their sweet delicate skin.


Pay attention to ingredients in your child’s skincare products. There are certain things like, artificial fragrances that can help all to the dryness, or even worse might cause a breakout if they are allergic. Plus, they don’t help your child’s skin, just add to the appeal of the product. When, our kids might like, but as parents we only want products that offer our children protection.

In my opinion natural products are the way to go, for my kids and myself.

Moisturize more

During the cold winter, parents might want to consider moisturizing more, especially part of the body that can be affected by the dry winter months. My tons arms, face and hands typically need extra moisturizing, and my daughter’s hands and feet. Every child is different, and the cold cool air effects their skin differently.


Nope, it’s not just for the summer months, but the winter too. My poor son gets sunburned if he is outside for only a few minutes, and when it’s snowing outside the glare off the snow will still damage the skin. In my opinion winter burns tend to hurt more, because of the dry skin.


Central heating, space heaters, and even worse fireplaces tend to blast out hot DRY air. Adding a humidifier helps put a little moisture back in the air, which will help your child’s skin.


For some reason, I like water more in the winter, but my kids want cocoa, warm tea, and chocolate milk. I allow them to drink it now and then because you’re body needs water in the winter too. Plus, it helps keep the skin moistened.


Feet often suffer during the winter, and foot creams are excellent, but during the winter your feet need TCL. Trying finding lotions that will do the job.

Hot baths

I know hot baths are great in the winter, and kids love baths, but avoid hot baths. A lukewarm bath is better on the skin.

My kids all have different types of skin, and my son defiantly has the most sensitive skin of all.

Baby Mantra Skin Care For KidsMoms Love Baby Mantra

I started using Baby Mantra a while back for my son, because my aunt liked the skin care line so much she mailed me a bottle to see how it worked with Buds dry skin. It worked great from day one, and it didn’t take me long to learn about all the other awesome Baby Mantra products!

Baby Mantra is a certified cruelty-free, natural and gluten free baby skincare line.  It offered environmentally conscious products from ingredients to packaging and inspired by all natural home based remedies for their childhood.  Created by two sisters who are on a mission to bring us parents safe and ecologically sound skincare for babies.

Newborn Shampoo and Body Wash

The body wash is great for children 0 to three years of age.  It works hard to untangle hair, condition and nourish the skin leaving it super soft to the touch.  It’s for younger children, but we use this for my son, especially during the cold winter months, because it does just that – conditions and nourishes the skin!  It works great on his skin, and I still use it for Mattie as well.  

Detangling Conditioner

The detangling conditioner is by far the BEST stuff you’ll find!  My daughter is a freak about tangles and doesn’t allow me to brush her hair unless she knows we used Baby Mantra’s Detangling Conditioner.  It has excellent ingredients, like aloe and witch hazel that work together to get out the worse of the tangles.  My daughter loves it, and I’m super happy because it means LESS fighting lol.  It’s easy to use, just apply after shampooing, and run through the hair gently using your fingers, allow to sit for a few minutes, and you’re ready to clean.  You’ll notice a difference on the tenderest of heads.  My daughter has a very tender head like many young children.

Calming Massage Oil

I need this, but sadly my children don’t want to give me a massage after I get out of the shower lol.  It’s an excellent product for baby; we use it on my son because his skin is so dry. His skin responds great to Baby Mantra products.  It contains things like apricot oil, grapeseed oil, Avocado Oil, and Jojoba. 

Calming Lotion

The lotion is my personal favorite; it’s gentle, but works great.  It’s highly moisturinzing and safe for mom and baby, or in my case my son too.  The lavender is naturally calming and works great, making me sleepy lol.  Idea in the good old U.S.A. and has essential ingredients like Lavender Oil, Sage Oil, Olive Oil, and She Butter on you side working hard to moisturize your little one’s skin.

3 in 1 Bubble Bath – All kids love bubble baths, it only makes sense to have a bubble bath that can multitask and still be gentle for your little ones skin.  The lotion is your bubble bath; it’s amazing does the job and uses great ingredients like Aloe Vera and Lavender.

Moms Love Baby Mantra Skin Care For Kids

You can currently find Baby Mant kids skin care & wonderful hair care products on kids skin care & wonderful hair care products on Amazon, at Walgreens, and Babies R US, and of course, you can always visit Baby Mantra’s website.

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