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WordWorld: Let’s Eat DVD Review


   WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review | WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review

I have been compensated for this post in the form of a product. All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post is sponsored by PBS Distribution.

PBS Kids thrives on bringing top learning and entertaining content to young children from 2-8 years of age. PBS Distribution released on April 10th, 2018 “WorldWorld: Let’s Eat!” DVD to entertain and engage children creatively on the letters of the alphabet, word sounds and spelling. WordWorld is another great show brought to us by the PBS station. The show revolves around animals shaped out of letters that spell their name and everything else around them describing each object, from an ant, frog, sheep and more. They have fun stories, voices and sweet personalities that will appeal to children 6 and under.WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review | WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review

WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review | WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD ReviewWordWorld is great at introducing simple words and how to spell them. They focus on the phonetic sound each letter makes and finding the letter it corresponds to similar to what a preschool age child will be exposed to at that age. It is a great show for preschoolers or younger to begin to identify letters. This DVD runs 100 minutes with eight fun filled episodes between 10 and 15 minutes, the perfect length for young minds. They have plenty of humor to engage children that don’t fully understands their ABC’s as well as animated learning for those that do have knowledge of letters, sounds and reading. They are very creative in forming authentic figures without losing the integrity of the letters forming the word. These episodes were also filled with examples of kindness to their fellow animal friends, when they are sick, have lost a precious gift or just need help in a way that is easier for kids to understand.

My children love this show, but I believe my oldest at 5, enjoys it the most now as he is learning to read. He understands and will process along with the characters what they are attempting to spell. They both loved the episode where Pig gets sick and falls over in exhaustion. I saw that episode quite a few times back to back. They also loved the episode when all the friends play detective and find the responsible party for a missing pie. Their laughter carried throughout each of these episodes and I was glad to see them engaged during screen time on something so educational. We even talked about rhyming a bit based on examples presented by Duck and talked about what they like more cake or pie. We really enjoyed watching these episodes together.

You can purchase this DVD in the PBS shop page from $9.99.  Follow PBS Kids on FacebookTwitter for the latest releases, printables and other news.

WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review | WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review | WordWorld: Let's Eat DVD Review

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