Wubble Fulla The Perfect Easter Basket Surprise

by Jenn

Spring is here, now if the darn wind would stop blowing I could send my kids outside to play with their new Wubble Fulla!  If you haven’t seen the new Wubble Fulla’s yet, you are going to love them.  Trust me, my kids were playing with theirs and my boyfriend and asked to see them and didn’t want to give them back.

You can toss it, catch it and even stretch it!  The Wubble Fulla is by far the coolest ball I’ve played with in a long time and the kids are still loving and playing with theirs.

Wubble Fulla the Perfect Easter Basket Surprise Wubble Fulla The Perfect Easter Basket Surprise

Wubble Fulla will most certainly make an awesome Easter Basket surprise and I can almost guarantee your kids will love them.  I know my kids love theirs and they took them to school and my youngest daughter ended up calling me because her friends wanted to know where they could get their own Wubble Fulla!  So, I think it’s safe to say most children will without a doubt love seeing one in their Easter Basket!

The new Wubble Fulla is a fun Wubble ball filled with gooey slime or those Magic Marbles our kids are loving nowadays.  Personally, I can’t tell you which one I like best, I know my boyfriend preferred the one with the slime but I loved them both, especially the HUGE Wubble Fulla.

Wubble Fulla The Perfect Easter Basket Surprise

You can get your Wubble Fulla is three super fun and squishy sizes:

  • The Huge Wubble Fulla is 5”
  • The Big Wubble Fulla is 4”
  • The Tiny Wubble Fully is 2 1/2”
Wubble Fulla The Perfect Easter Basket Surprise

Each of the Wubble Fulla’s come with your choice of soft gooey slime or colorful Magic Marbles.  The Magic Marbles are super soft and squishy round balls made from a fun super-absorbent polymer that actually absorbs water.

Wubble Fulla The Perfect Easter Basket Surprise

My oldest daughter preferred the bright green squishy slime Wubble Fulla and my youngest daughter preferred the Wubble Fulla filled with the fun Magic Marbles.  However, they were both lucky and got one of each – a big one and a tiny one.

You can grab your own Wubble Fulla by visiting WubbleBall.com and are coming soon to Walgreen and Target.  You can also check out the Wubble Fulla for yourself you can view the below video or head over to the Wubble Ball YouTube Channel here.

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