Young Gamers Will Love Starlink: Battle for Atlas

by Jenn

If you have a little gamer in your household they will love Starlink: Battle for Atlas!  My 7-year-old daughter loved it because it’s more than just a fun game for her Nintendo Switch thanks to the awesome modular toy technology! Seriously, I even had fun playing with my 7-year-old daughter and have to admit the toy technology is pretty cool.

Young Gamers Will Love Starlink: Battle for AtlasWith the toy technology, gamers can assemble but customize real-world physical starship.  You can also link the starships to your gaming controller and launch off into an amazing adventure in the Atlas star system.  You can play in both single players or add a friend and play in two player split screen co-op.

You can upgrade your Starlink: Battle for Atlas experience with a starship, weapon or pilot too.

Young Gamers Will Love Starlink: Battle for AtlasStarlink: Battle for Atlas is an awesome game that allows users to be part of a heroic interstellar group of pilots who are all dedicated to free the Atlast Star System from Forgotten Legion and Grax.  It’s cool because you can build your very own modular starship that mounts to your controller and takes part in some of your space combat.  Oh, and you can even change out the parks on your model and the starship in the game changes in real time, it’s seriously awesome!

With Starlink: Battle for Atlast you can build your very own playstyle to help you pass some of the deadly challenges.  Gamers can even choose their pilot and master unique skills to score an advantage, experiment with amazing weapon combinations to give our more dame.

Young Gamers Will Love Starlink: Battle for AtlasIt’s also an open, living star system meaning you can travel seamlessly through seven amazing alien worlds in the Atlas star system.  The worlds are in a galaxy that is filled with unique challenges for players to enjoy.  They can also fly from the planet into space to take part in more battles and when they are ready to head back down to the world.

Plus, each modular component and pilot attached to the starship instantly in-game which allows whoever is playing to directly affect the course of their battle. The game is pretty cool if you are into space adventure loaded with a variety of enemies and planets to explore.  One of my daughter’s favorite features is the ship swapping feature, it’s pretty cool without a doubt has been a huge hit in my household.Young Gamers Will Love Starlink: Battle for AtlasSAVE BIG On Your Purchase at Best Buy

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