Your Ultimate Kids Birthday Party Checklist

by Jenn

Apart from Halloween and Christmas, kids love birthday parties a lot. This is the day they get to turn a year older and have the opportunity to celebrate the day with friends and family. Another sneak idea about this day is that kids get to ask for what they want for their birthday. It’s almost as if they are in charge on this day.

A typical birthday is full of kids is a couple of helium balloons, maybe a clown or magic man to entertain the kids. There are loads of snacks and cakes with parents bringing their kids over to enjoy the day with the lucky boy/girls. However, for you to pull off a fantastic birthday party, you’ve got to have a checklist to guide you on what to do.

Must-Have Items For Your Kids Birthday Party Checklist

A birthday party checklist typically includes everything that is necessary for the party and what will go down, and is included in birthday invitations. An ideal checklist will save you the hassle of worrying about what is missing. Some of the things that you should include in your checklist include

  1. Date of the Party

The date of the party is significant. Party City advises against selecting dates that collide with major holidays because you might miss out on many guests. Pick a day that fellow kids will be available to spend the whole day eating and playing together.

  1. Type of Party

You have to select the type of birthday party that you have in mind. These birthday party ideas will be influenced by what your kid wants. It will also depend on the age of your child because they tend to outgrow some parties.

  1. Location

Where do you plan to host the party? Some kids prefer to have their birthday parties at school where most of their friends will be present, and they’ll get the chance to share the party. To others, the home setting or a shopping mall will do.

  1. Guests

Who do you intend to invite to the party? You want to include your kid’s best friend in the list, or you’ll be in trouble. A couple of friends in the neighborhood and some from school will be enough. Maybe a couple of grownups that the kid has bonded with, such as an aunt/uncle or grandpa/grandma, will be okay.

  1. The theme of the Party

What do you have planned for the party? Do you have a dress code? Are you trying to resemble a particular movie or event? The theme will give the birthday party a sense of direction as things will be done in a specific manner.

  1. Activities

What kind of activities do you have in mind? Maybe gaming amongst kids, a magician performing some tricks, swimming, name it. This will depend on the hobbies your kid enjoys because it’s all about them on that day.

  1. Decorations

Do you have some helium balloons underway? Maybe a couple of paintings and accessories to decorate the entire place? Decorations marry well with them of the party, and they are to complement the style of the party.

  1. Photography

No kid won’t want to remember how their 6th maybe 10th birthday looked like. Call in a photographer or own a camera, ensure you take a few shots of the moments during the birthday party. Such memories are worth keeping.

  1. Foods & Drinks

What do you have in store for the guests? For the dining part, ensure you grab a lot of snacks because that’s what keeps kids going. You can also go for solid food if your theme states that. Just ensure the guests’ tummies are attended to.

  1. Presents

As the parent, have ideas on how you want to gift your child. You can have their gift wrapped up and customized helium balloons with their name and turning age. Other than what the gift is, how you present them is crucial.

Kids value birthday parties a lot, and it is crucial to plan a great one for them. Make sure you get everything right by having a checklist to guide you through. Make the day special by doing things that your kid likes.

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