Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy

by Jenn

I’ve recently started making my home smarter.  As you may know, adding Google Home, Amazon Alexa, smart lights, SmartThings Hub, and my most recent addition was Z Wave Enabled Smart Motorized Shades from Zebra Blinds. Yes, they are freaking AWESOME!

I nearly fell out of my chair when I found out that I could purchase Smart Motorized Shades which are Z Wave Enabled from Zebra Blinds.  Which means you can now purchase smart window blinds and shades from Zebra Blinds that communicate using Z-wave for integration with your Z-wave home automation system.

To better be able to tell you about Zebra Blinds they provided me with a blind for my front window! I’m thrilled to be able to share first hand what I love about these smart blinds.

Smart Blinds from Zebra Blinds Are They a Smart Purchase?

Smart Blinds from Zebra Blinds Are They a Smart Purchase?

I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from a motorized smart shade. I mean I didn’t even know you could buy them, lol. So at the end of the day, I am happy with my smart blinds from Zebra Blinds. I will tell you right out the gate, I do think they are worth every last penny and here is why.

Dude they are smart blind, how cool is that?

I love that I can operate my smart blind or shade using my smartphone wherever I am whenever I need to.

Don’t forget about security.

Security is important! In front of my house, we have a huge window. If the lights are on in the house you can see everything. Since it’s in the front of the house cheap blinds just don’t cut it, curtains are too much, and I want something I can use as needed because I also like to let the lgiht shine into the window in the mornings. OMG, these smart blinds are perfect for my security needs.

Safety for kids and pets

Safe for kids and pets! Yes, most of us have one or the other, possibly both kids and pets so having a blind that is kid and pet-friendly is on the top of my list. Thankfully, Zebra Blind’s Smart Motorized Shades are kid and pet-friendly.

I score a blind big enough to cover my front window!

Received a Virtual Cord™ Z-Wave Graber® Blackout Cellular Shade and I was able to order one that fit my front window.  Yes, I was able to find a shade for my window that measures 128 1/2″ x 60” for a reasonable price. Trust me I’ve been searching for a quality shade for this window for some time and they either cost an arm and a leg or they are super cheap and break. 

Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy

Know you are purchasing the right color and style before ordering with FREE Samples

Oh, and before I purchased my shade from Zebra Blinds I was able to request free samples so I was able to see it for myself before purchasing.  You can order up to 10 samples, you receive them in about a week and the shipping and everything is totally free!

Z-wave compatible

I love that I’m able to connect my shade to my Z-wave smart hub without additional bridges.  Plus, thanks to the two way communication I can see the status of my shade on my hug’s app.

Nifty little remote

Voice compatible

I use Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and of course Google Assistant and I can use any of them to command my smart shades with my voice.  However, you do need Samsung’s Smart Things hub or Hubitat Elevation hug and voice assistant. 

Control using your smartphone anytime, anywhere

Whether you are home or on the road controlling your shade is as easy as grabbing your smartphone.  To control the shade from your smartphone all you need to do is use your smart hub app.

Super easy to install

I was super impressed with how easy these smart blinds are to install. It took me and my boyfriend about thirty minutes the directions are easy to follow and everything went smoothly. Hats off to Zebra Blinds because I was worried about the installation process.

Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy
Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy

100% fabric light blockage

Yes, I love that I get 100% fabric light blockage with these blinds, especially in the huge front window of my house. At night I feel better knowing nobody can see in and during the day the sun can shine in the window making it hard to see the TV and just too bright at times. The shade really does block out all the light.

Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy

Efficient heat control

If you are like me, saving money is important, especially on your energy bill.  Since these shades block out radiant heat caused by the sun they can help you control and save money on your energy bill.  Plus, keep things cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  I put my shades up at the end of the cold season so we have used them with both the heater and the AC and I’ve noticed a huge difference in the temperature toward the front of the house. 

Zebra Blinds Smart Blinds Are Exciting but is it a Smart Buy

Nifty Remote

The Virtual Cord CrystalPleat Blackout Cellular Shade comes with an optional single channel remote and can quickly be integrated with Z-Wave-based Smart Home Automation systems which allow you to control them using your smartphones or tablets.  If you have more than one blind you can control a group of shades using the remote.   The shades just need to be located within 65 feet of the remote.  Using the remote is super easy. It has an up button, down button and my button which stops the shade at your desired position.

Protect your furniture

With this window being so large and the sun shining inside most of the day you are protecting your furniture and carpet from sun fading over time.  Thanks to the shades sunscreen material you are also reducing your risk of UV exposure.

Set the mood

My man and I like to stay up late after the kids head off to bed and spend a little quality time together.  All the other shades I’ve used did a decent job blocking out all the light from passing cars and street lights but this blind seriously blocks out all the light.  Which really helps set the mood for a nice romantic night with my guy.

Cleaning is easy

Cleaning the blinds is super easy!  You can dust them, spot them clean, or just go over them while you are vacuuming to keep them looking fabulous. 

Seriously amazing manufacturer warranty

WOW, these blinds come with a five year limited manufacturer warranty against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as you own the product.

These shades are amazing!  They include everything you need to install them, instructions are easy to follo9w and really a hassle-free experience.  I was surprised because our blinds were so large.  They are made with quality material and give our front room a great look and feel. 

If you are looking for a great blinds with all sorts of bells and whistles you can’t go wrong with Zebra Blinds and they have plenty of colors for you to choose from.  Plus, don’t forget you can choose FREE samples before you order to make sure you are purchasing the perfect blind for your room.


I was impressed with the affordability of Zebra Blinds which is why I’m thrilled to share this savings with you.  Right now you can save 32% at Zebra Blinds when you use the savings code JENNIFERW7771 during check out at Zebra Blinds website.  Now that is a saving you shouldn’t’ pass up, I’ll be ordering me another smart shade or two for my home.  I can’t pass up savings like that on such a great product and you shouldn’t’ either. 

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. We are loving our blinds from Zebra Blinds and recommend them to family and friends.

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