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22 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together Forever

22 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together Forever


I have always loved asking couples who have been together forever what the secrets of couples who stay together forever are.  My parents are one of the couples I admire the most, growing up I did listen to my mom about love and what she felt I needed to know about it.  I guess it’s a lot of the reason I waited to get married and start a family until later, I was searching for that special someone I could stay with forever.  While forever is a long way off and we can’t guarantee the future I can say I plan to be with my husband forever.  We have both loves one another and are doing what it takes to make things work.  To be honest, things have gotten easier as time goes on and we learn more about each other.  Only time will tell, until then I still admire my parents relationship.  They are happily married and have been for almost 40 years! I’m blessed to have so many people in my life who are happily married and have been since I was a child it’s helped me as I started my family.

So what are the secrets of couples in happy long-term relationships?  One thing I always hear from just about ever couple I have ever talked to about making things work or staying together and I think many of you will agree that a relationship takes work.  It should not be forced, but it’s not something that is easy but is there more?

What are the other secrets of happy couples who stay together?

22 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together Forever and Ever

22 Secrets of Couples Who Stay Together Forever

Here are a few secrets of people who stay together forever.

1.) Both of you must be willing to work for your relationship – You and your partner must be ready to work for your relationship because things will not always go perfectly.  There will be good times as well as bad times, couples who stay together understand and are willing to work for their relationship –

2.) They never stop touching – Whether it’s walking in the store holding hands or laying on the couch watching a movie with one another most couples who seem to have that perfect relationship hold hands, lay one one another’s lap, put their arm around each other, and show affection is by touching one another.   Regardless touching reminds our partner and us that we care about, are attracted to and love them just as much today as I did two months ago.

3.) Never stop saying I love you, and you can’t say it too much – I know there is an enormous difference between saying, and both of you should be doing both.  Never leave or hang up the phone without saying I love you.

4.) Communicate – Talk about the big stuff but don’t forget the little stuff matters too.  Couples who stay together not only have conversations about the big important issues such as bills but the smaller things too like their day at work.  In my opinion, the two of you should be able to have a conversation like friends and confide in one another as the very best of friends.

Secrets of couples who stay together forever

5.) Learn to forgive truly one another – We all make mistakes, and one of the hardest things to do is learn to forgive one another. It’s easy to think you will, but if you keep bringing up the past, you likely have not forgiven your partner.  Once yous ay you forgive it’s time to drop it.

6.) They enjoy hanging out together – I can honestly say I enjoy spending time with my husband and look forward to him coming home each day.  We never run out of things to talk about and enjoy being together whether it is going to the grocery store or staying in for the evening.

7.) Don’t try to change your partner – There will be things about your partner you don’t like or enjoy doing, and that is fine, just don’t attempt to change the person they are or the things they enjoy.  If something makes them happy, you should support them and accept even the things you don’t like because it makes them happy and they would do the same for you.

8.) Grab a kiss before leaving or right as you get home – When you walk in the door one of the first things, couples who stay together do is give one another a kiss and ask about their day.  Before leaving, they also grab a kiss and tell I love you.

9.) Be willing to put others on the back burner when you need time together – Couples who stay together understand the importance of time together, especially when there are certain things going on.  Maybe you’ve been having a rough time at work, or you both have been fighting more than normal.  Both of you should be willing to stay in or spend time together rather than running off with friends.  Your relationship should be at the top of your list.  Don’t forget date night is important and you don’t even have to go out if you can’t go because of the kids.  There are plenty of fun ways to have a home date night with your partner.

Secrets things couples who stay together forever do10.) Texting and calling, answer it every time – When your partner calls you should always answer or call them right back.  No playing games here, if they need you, they should be able to get int touch with you.  Hey you never know it might it might be significant, or it might be a fun, flirty text, which is great too in my opinion.

11.) Admit you were wrong – Couples who stay together can admit when they are wrong, especially if it saves them from an argument.  I admit, saying you are wrong can be hard.  It was for me, but my husband is worth it.  Besides it doesn’t make you look if you’re too hard headed to say I’m sorry I was wrong.

12.) Your spouse should be your best friend too – Your spouse should be the person you trust the most with all your secrets.  Sure there is some things you might not want to talk to him about because he is a man, but you should know you can if needed.  I think a couple needs to not only be a couple but best friends too.  If something is bothering you and you cannot talk to your partner as you can, your friend something is wrong.  You should have a deep friendship with your partner it is essential to any relationship.

13.) Laugh – Don’t forget to laugh with one another, make jokes, and have fun.  Couples who can laugh and joke with one another often have a better friendship and have more conversations.

14.) Listen with an open mind – You MUST listen to one another, even during a disagreement.  One person’s feelings are not more important than another.  Couples who stay together can listen with an open mind and understand that their partner is a different person with different emotions who is going to feel an entirely different way than they do and they are not only okay with that but willing to meet in the middle of things.

Secrets of couples who stay together forever and ever15.) Dream together – NEVER stop dreaming and planning!  Whether it’s a bigger house for the family, sports care, or just a mini vacation you should always try to be working toward something.

16.) Learn to argue – Screaming and yelling don’t do any good.  Typically we end up saying things we don’t mean that can never be taken back, and it hurts the other person.  Just not worth it, so learn how to have a disagreement.  If you feel like things are going to get out of hand, you may want to step away for a few minutes.  Be sure to let one another finish what they are saying, don’t be rude and cut them off you’ll make them feel like their feelings don’t matter which is a recipe for disaster.  Talk and listen with an open mind so you can find a fix for your disagreement.

17.) Keep your life – Sure you need to spend time together but having your life is important as well.  Visit friends, don’t lose track of hobbies and be yourself always.  Don’t lose track of that person because finding them isn’t easy again nd it often affects relationships.

18.) Remember not everything can be solved – This took my husband and I a while to get down.  We always wanted to fix everything right then and there, but we eventually learned we had to agree to disagree at times or even realize that the problem doesn’t matter, and it’s so much easier to let things go.

Marriage doesn't mean you are will be togehter forever quote19.) HONESTY – Don’t lie to one another, if you lose trust, you might never get it back.

20.) For better or worse – Remember your vows?  You promised to stay together for better or worse. Some relationships need to end, but others just need a little extra commitment.  We all go through bad times and good times.  We deal with days; weeks and maybe even months where we get upset with ourselves, and it’s important to stay committed to one another.  There are times when one had to pick up a little slack for the other and vice versa.  Things might not always be 50/50. Couples who stay together are willing to take up the slack if their partner needs them.

21.) Sex is an important part of a relationship – Remember having sex is essential for a healthy relationship.  It connects a couple on a much deeper level and strengthening their relationship.  Plus sex can do all sorts of good things for the body like – improve sleep, lower blood pressure, stress and some even say it can help prevent prostate cancer.

22.) Change things up in the bedroom too – Don’t get bored, to have healthy relationships with passion you have to be willing to let go and have a little fun now and again, especially in the bedroom.   If you are worried or unsure how to go about spicing things up, do a little research and find romantic ideas to keep your relationship healthy that work what you are currently comfortable doing.  You can start off small and grab some lubricants on your way home from the store or maybe even some lingerie.  Whatever you decide to do keep things fresh, fun and never dull!

What are some secrets to staying together forever you or someone you know have and would like to share?

This is a sponsored post written by me for KY.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. 



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