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Get as Close to Germ Free as Possible with Purell

Get as Close to Germ Free as Possible with Purell


With schools back in session and the winter months approaching, you will definitely want to keep lots of Purell around. Be sure to add this to your order when you shop Shoplet.

Get as Close to Germ Free as Possible with Purell

We really do not give it much thought, but the world is a germy place. Schools are back in session, which means closer contact with others. This means a breeding ground for germs, which develops into a disease. In reading the Purell website, I came across some information that I thought you might find interesting.

“Eight of the Germiest Public Places – Some May Surprise You: 

It is an exciting world out there, but it can be germy, too. That is according to the editors of Prevention Magazine, who have compiled a list of the eight public places that bacteria like best.

  1. Restaurant menus – Except for a quick swipe with a dirty rag, when was the last time you saw your menu being cleaned? Right after handing it back would be a good time for a PURELL moment.
  2. Lemon wedges –According to a 2007 study in the Journal of Environmental Health, nearly 70% of lemon wedges on restaurant glasses contain disease-causing microbes—including, in some cases, E. coli and other fecal bacteria. How about skipping the fruit garnish?
  3. Condiment dispensers – Remember those rarely cleaned restaurant menus? Ditto for the salt and peppershakers, ketchup and mustard bottles and other shared table property.
  4. Restroom door handles – Some people wash their hands before exiting public restrooms. Others do not. Yikes.
  5. Bulk soap dispensers – Ironically, bulk soap dispensers can actually be a breeding ground for germs. Bulk soap dispensers are the kind where soap is poured into the top. One study showed that 25% were contaminated, some with fecal matter. While you do not usually have a choice, the ones that use sealed cartridge-style refills are safe.
  6. Grocery carts – A University of Arizona study revealed that the handles of almost two-thirds of tested shopping carts were contaminated with fecal bacteria. In fact, the bacterial count on the typical supermarket cart handle exceeded that of the average public restroom.
  7. Airplane restrooms – You are 100 times likelier to catch a cold when you are up in the air than on the ground. And that is the least of your problems. When airplane bathrooms were tested, E. coli was found on faucets, doorknobs and other surfaces.
  8. Your doctor’s office –After all, it’s where sick people hang out.”

After reading the above information, I definitely knew it was time to keep more Purell around for occasions when and where I would encounter any of these situations.


Shoplet provided me with these samples of Purell products to facilitate my review; however, all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you Shoplet.

Ever since my husband received his diagnosis of heart disease, I have been much more conscious about cleanliness and germs. See those pesky little germs can play havoc with his illness and since we are working hard to get him in a healthier shape, I always keep a small bottle of Purell in my purse whenever we need to clean our hands. I used to carry one of those small packets of wet wipes, but I found the smaller bottle of Purell to be more convenient.

The items that I received for this review consisted of 2 containers of Hand Sanitizing Wipes, 2 8-ounce pump bottles of the Hand Sanitizer Gel, and 4 of the Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer in Jelly Wrap Carriers.

Since most of us live our lives on the go, the cute little Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizers in Jelly Wrap Carriers are great to take with you any place you go. These convenient 1 ounce flip top cap bottles attach to your purse, backpack, key chain, diaper bag or a gym bag. Just one squirt of Purell kills as many germs as two squirts of any other national brand. In addition, this product is enhanced with four nourishing skin-condition agents, which is mild on your hands.

The Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes contain 40 soft wipes to a container. Each wipe measures 5.7 inches x 7.5 inches. These wipes gently clean your face and hands, killing 99.99% of illness causing germs. These Wipes are dermatologist tested, contain no alcohol and are available in either a fragrance free, or scented version. No harsh chemicals are used to manufacture these wipes. They are safe to use on both your skin and other surfaces at home, at work, or on the go. Personally, I use these wipes to keep my husband’s heart equipment clean and free of germs since the surface air dries quickly.

If you only need to clean your hands, or prefer not to use the Sanitizing Wipes, you can use the Purell Hand Sanitizing Pump. These 8-ounce bottles are the #1 brand most used in hospitals. Like the Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizers in Jelly Wrap Carriers, the Purell Pump kills as many germs with just one squirt opposed to two squirts of any other national brand. In addition, this product is enhanced with four nourishing skin-condition agents, which is mild on your hands.

Purell Hand Sanitizer is just one of the terrific office supplies that Shoplet has to offer. In addition, the company offers everything you need for your business with their Office Supplies, Promotional Products, as well as an extensive line of Medical Supplies, Office Stationary, Cleaning Supplies, and Office Furniture.

To order any product from the thousands of items that Shoplet carries, simply visit their website and take advantage of their free shipping on purchases over $25. While you are visiting the company’s website, be sure to look at their weekly specials for some good deals and grab your Coupons while you are there.

Be socialable and stop by the Shoplet Facebook page, as well as Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram, Google+, Blog, and LinkedIn.

Let Shoplet, help you get as germ free as possible, especially this fall and winter season with Purell. Whether at home, work, or on the go, be sure your favorite Purell products are always within reach.

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