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5 Key Elements for a Successful Garden Party

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5 Key Elements for a Successful Garden Party

5 Key Elements for a Successful Garden Party

When summer comes around, there’s no better way to celebrate than to throw a garden party. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a summer birthday, or whether you’re planning a summer wedding, there are some essential features you’ll need to get organized for the big event. While outdoor parties come with their benefits, they also present a number of challenges which must be overcome. Here are 5 key elements for organizing a successful garden party.

5 Key Elements for a Successful Garden Party

  1. Music

First things first, a party isn’t a party without music. When you’re outdoors, luckily there is not too much need to worry about a dancefloor as the world is your stage, but it can be difficult to find a good sound system and extension cables or a generator for it to run off. Whereas indoors you would have easy access to plug sockets, when you take it outside you will need to consider how it’s going to function. You may wish to set this up yourself, or save yourself a job and hire in a professional DJ. For a really special event, you may even want to hire a live band!

  1. Toilets

Something absolutely not to be forgotten is the toilets. With potentially hundreds of guests on your lawn, your one or two indoor toilets simply won’t cut the mustard and, besides, you don’t want them trampling mud and grass across your nice cream carpets. This is why portable toilet hire is a must. Ranging from (literally) bog-standard festival toilets to high-end luxury powder rooms, portable toilets really have come a long way over the past decade. For high-end events, you can now find suitable options that won’t lower the tone and, by having adequate facilities, you can ensure that your guests spend less time queueing and more time dancing!

  1. Drink

Another essential of any party is, of course, the drink. Whether you ask guests to bring their own or whether you hire in a serviced bar will be up to you. Either way, you should have something on offer for your guests to get the party started – prosecco cocktails are great for formal events or a punch for something a little more low-key. Don’t forget it’s not all about the alcohol – be sure to have plenty of water and soft drinks on hand for party-goers to stay hydrated and to keep the tee-totalers happy.

  1. Food

After all that booze, you’ll need something to soak it all up. From finger food to canapes, to full sit-down dinners, the options are endless. It can often be difficult to cook hot meals when having an outdoor party, which is why cold buffets or barbecues are a great idea.

  1. Seating

After all that dancing on your lawn, your guests will need a spot to sit and have a nibble on some food, so be sure to remember tables and seating as an essential part of the furniture. How much you need will depend on your particular party and number of guests.

With these 5 factors in place, you can relax a little and lend your thoughts to the finer details like decorations and the all-important what to wear!


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